When He's Drunk

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After you and (y/t/c) left homecoming, you went to an after party at one of the football player's house. You went to the bathroom and came back to find your beloved boyfriend drunk.


You find him on the dancefloor. He was actually dancing pretty good, besides the slight stumbles every once in a while.

He looked through the crowd and his eyes laid on you. He clumsily walked towards you and grabbed your arm.

"Come on (y/n). Twerk with me," he lightly laughed at himself.

"Leo, let's go home."

Instead, he just sloppily shakes his head and started twerking. People cheered him on and brought him another drink. Before he could drink it, you knocked it out of his grasp.

Grabbing his arm, you managed to pull him away from the party and back into the lair.


Swishing a beer in the air, Raph fell clumsily onto a couch. He chugged the drink completely and crushed the can in his hand. He laughed lightly at the can.

You walked up to him and tugged on his shirt sleeve. He smirked when he saw you.

"Hey there. You look just like my girlfriend."

"Raph are you really that drunk? It's me (y/n). We need-"

"That's funny. My girlfriend's name is (y/n) too. She's so beautiful. I love her," he slurred.

You blushed at his words, but helped him up,"Okay let's get you home."

You grabbed his arm, but he was already fast asleep. You sigh and look over your shoulder to see Leo's girlfriend dragging him out of the house.

Eventually, you got Raph to stand up and walk. One of his football friends tried to grab Raph and to convince him to stay, but you slapped his hand away.


You watched as Donnie lazily stepped onto a table. He took the microphone from a random girl who was singing karaoke.

He scanned the crowd until his eyes landed on you. He grinned and pointed toward you.

"Oh hey Sweetheart. This song is for you."

You flushed as you felt eyes begin to watch you. Donnie started singing and sounded pretty good except for when he occasionally would take a sip of another beer.

He sang All About You by Bruno Mars.  Attempting to step forward, Donnie slowly started falling off the table. You ran and caught him just in time.

"I think it's time to go Don."

"A squared plus b squared equals c squared," he mumbled as he rubbed his head.


You walked out to find Mikey crying on the floor with a can of beer in his hand.

"What's wrong Mikey?"

"I... Can't open my soda," he waved the can.

"Mikey that's not a soda... How many of those have you had and who gave you that?"

"Casey just gave me this one. But umm what's the number after five again?" He looked innocently at you.

He wiped a tear and struggled to open the top. You took the drink and threw it, causing it to bust open.

"No! My soda!" Mikey ran toward the spill, but tripped and fell on his face.


When you walked into the hallway, you saw a certain black haired boy run into the bathroom. Casey slammed the door shut and you could hear him puking his guts out.

You knocked on the door,"Case? You alright?"

He threw up some more before responding,"Don't drink alcohol. It's bad."

"You don't say," you sarcastically say as he opens the door.

"I feel terrible. They dared me to chug five bottles of beer."

"You're an idiot Casey, but you're my idiot."

He grins and leans in for a kiss. You put your finger up to his lips. "Your breath smells like beer. Brush them and then I'll kiss you again."

He rolled his eyes and put his arm around you.

Also there's been a request to make a chapter "When It's Halloween." I'll write it but if you guys could vote on the costumes you wanted your turtle/Casey and you to wear that would make my life much easier and the update will come sooner. So if you want a certain costume comment what you want and I'll try to publish it ASAP.

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