His Form of PDA *Short*

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He is not too big on PDA, but he will hold your hand or hug you in public. When he's not feeling too embarrassed and awkward he may kiss you.


He doesn't care who is around. If he feels like kissing you, he will. He wants to hold your hand? Without hesitation he will. He wants everyone to know that you are his girlfriend.


Shy and nervous describes Donnie whenever it comes to PDA. He isn't big on attention, but if he knows that you want him to hold your hand or wrap an arm around your shoulder, he'll do it just for you.


Michelangelo does not know what PDA is. He loves the fact that everyone knows that he is your boyfriend. He especially loves to here people talk about how cute you guys are.


He won't show much PDA if it embarrasses you. When you're okay with it, he gladly likes to show you off to everyone. And I mean everyone.

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