When You and Splinter Prank Him

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(Y/t/c) left for patrol an hour ago. Since then, you've been training with Splinter.

You fell to the ground, exhausted. Splinter glanced at you and chuckled.

"Tired are we?"

"Only a lot."

He laughed and kneeled next to you.

"Well then, what do you want to do now?"

You thought for a moment,"Can we prank (y/t/c)?"

He stroked his beard,"I don't see why not."


|Y/t/c's PoV|

I walked into the lair. Everything was thrown around, there was blood smeared on the walls.

Every light was out and there only door that was open was the door to the dojo. I slowly inched up to the door.

"Finally, Hamato Yoshi, it's over," I heard (y/n) say.

"(Y/n) I don't want to hurt you... Please just put that down."

"But I want to hurt you."

I stepped in front of the door just in time to see (y/n) stab Splinter in the chest. He fell to the ground.


"Oh hey baby,"I looked at her hands and she looked down too,"Oh this, it's nothing."

She wiped the blood on her pants. She took a step towards me and I took two back. I was terrified.

"Get away from me. Don't-don't touch me you... You-"

"You what? What's wrong with you today (y/t/c)?"

"What's wrong with me? You just killed Sensei!" I backed away even more.

She cracked a smile,"He was... In the way and-"

I heard a laugh from behind her. I looked back and saw Sensei laughing.

"Aw Sensei you ruined it," (y/n) whined.

"Wait. This was a prank?!"

"Duh, I would never kill Sensei. You should've seen your face!"

Splinter stood up and put a hand on (y/n)'s shoulder.

"That was not funny," I turned away and went to my room (for Casey he left the lair).

"Come on that was hilarious and you know it!"I heard her yell after me.

Two updates for today since I haven't published in a while.

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