When a Guy Flirts with You

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You and Leo were walking through the park when he saw a couple of his friends. The both of you walked over to the small group to greet them.

"Hey, Leo and hello beautiful." Someone in the group that you didn't recognize said to you.

Leo raised a brow at the stranger, grabbing your hand and pulling you closer. Leo's friend, Cam elbowed the boy in the side and glared at him.

"Sorry... I didn't know they were dating." He looked everywhere but at Leo.

"Right... Anyway, we still up for the gym tomorrow?" Your boyfriend asked his friends.

"Yeah, I'm still working on benching more than you. I think I've finally got you." Another friend, Tommy grinned.

"We'll see about that." Leo smiled. He then looked over at the boy who attempted to flirt with you and put his arm around your waist before leaving.

"Someone's jealous." You nudged him with a laugh.

"I was not!" He blushed.


You were sitting in your first hour class about ten minutes before the first bell. You were walking with Raph, but one of the teachers needed assistance moving some desks around. So, you made your way to your classroom which was on the same floor. A random boy walked into the classroom and placed his things in the seat in front of you.

Smiling, he sat backwards in his seat. "Hey, beautiful. I'm Travis. I just moved here from California."

"Nice to meet you Travis. I'm (y/n)." You looked up from your phone to talk to him.

"(Y/n) as in (y/n) (l/n)?" He stood up.

"Uh yeah. Is there a problem? You look a little scared." You raise a brow at his strange behavior.

"You're that one Hamato brother's girlfriend. I heard about the last boy that flirted with you and your boyfriend found out. I kinda like my arm to be aligned correctly." He ran to the door.

"What are you talking about? I thought you said you just moved here!" You stood up.

He panicked more and turned to finish his run in the hallway. You followed him to the door and watched as he ran into Raph and fell backwards. Raph rose a brow and looked down at the boy. Rapidly, Travis stood and sprinted down the hallway between a hoard of students.

"What was up with him?" Raph asked when he reached the door.

"So, you broke Blake's arm, huh?" You crossed your arms.

Raph scratched the back of his neck and looked to the ground before looking back to you. "Um, oops?"

You shook your head and walked into the classroom. He walked in after you. "What? He was asking for it!"


You were sitting in the food court at the mall waiting for Donnie to come back with the food. You sipped on your (favorite drink) as you waited. Someone clapped you on your shoulder, almost making you drop your cup. You turn your head in their direction, glaring at them.

"Hey, there sweet thang." A young boy grinned at you.

"Please don't call me that." You turned back around. He hurriedly sat in the seat across from you.

"So, do you have a boyfriend?" He smiled.

"Aren't you like twelve? Where's your mom?" You sigh.

He sat forward. "I'm actually thirteen. Can I have your phone number so we can hang?"

"Why? You need a babysitter?" You smirked as Donnie walked up. He motioned towards the boy and looked at you. You simply shook you head.

"Who are you?" He turned around to Donnie.

"I'm her boyfriend and you are too young for her. Goodbye now." Donnie lightly lifted the boy out of his seat and sat down.


While Mikey was stuffing the cart with snacks, you walked off to grab the things Master Splinter sent you to the store for. You squatted down to search the different candle scents. You jerked up when you felt a hand grab your butt. Before you could say anything to the random guy, a handful of grapes hit him in the back of the head.

"Dude, that cake belongs to me." Mikey yelled and then threw a pack of Oreos.

Once the boy scurried off, you picked up the now crushed Oreos. "Here lies the love of my life. Murdered by Mikey in his fit of jealousy.

"Chill dudette. I have three more packs." He walked up to you.

"If you don't mind me asking, who taught you the meaning of cake other than the dessert definition?" You crossed your arms.

"Oh my brothers and Casey use that term to talk about their girlfriends' butts all the time. We, uh, argue about who has the biggest... Butt." He sweat dropped when he realized he said too much.

"Oh really? Why don't I call everyone up and we can have a nice little chat."

"Orrr we could forget I said that and make s'mores."


You were sitting in the theater next to Casey watching the previews. A group of younger guys, about a year younger than you, came in and sat behind you. You felt a slight tugging on your hair.

"Casey, that hurts." You whisper.

"What are you talking about?" He looks at you confused.

You turn your attention back to your phone, but stop when the tugging returns, this time harder. You grab st the hand and catch the person's wrist.

"Seriously, chill out." You pull the hand forward, expecting it to be Casey. When you turn around you see that one of the boys was smirking as you held onto his hand. You quickly let go and glare at him.

"Sorry, I just wanted to get your attention so I could tell you how cute you are." He winks.

This caught Casey's attention, making him turn around to look at the boy.

"Hands off. She's mine. Find your own girlfriend." He put his arm around your shoulders and sat back in his seat.

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