When You Meet: Raph

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You just got home from (favorite sport) practice and slowly trogged up the steps of your house to your room. Too exhausted to change clothes you plopped down on your bed and closed your eyes. What felt like seconds later, your sleep is interrupted by the sound of fighting on your roof. I don't have time for this you think to yourself while climbing up the fire escape to your roof.

All sleepiness washed from your body when you see a red masked mutant turtle fighting a ninja with glowing red eyes. "Stupid footbots." His Brooklyn accent practically melted you. He stabbed the footbot in the head and grunted in frustration and victory. You stepped onto the roof smirking at his "achievement." Suddenly another footbot landed behind him ready to strike, but you back kicked (Idk what its called) it off of the roof.

The muscular turtle turned around and studied you for a few seconds. "What? No thank you?" You crossed your arms.

"I would have gotten 'em. I didn't need your help."

"Mhmm. Yeah, whatever. Names (Y/N)."

"(Y/N)..." he seemed to think on your name for a while," Names Raphael, but call me Raph."

"Well Raph, your welcome," you say smirking. "Whatever." Raph starts to leave and jumped to the next rooftop.

"Wait! Will I ever see you again, Raphael?"

"Heh maybe. And don't call me Raphael!" And with that he jumped down from the roof and disappeared. 

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