When He Takes You to Prom (1)

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After baseball practice, while Leo was putting on his shoes, he heard a few guys talking. As they walked past him he heard a few of the words they said.

"Are you going to the prom this weekend?" The first boy says.

"It depends, if I ask her then yeah," guy two says.

Leo thought to himself for a second. A smile appeared on his face as he ran back to the lair.

|Y/N's PoV|

The school was called to come down for an assembly. Leo held your hand as he walked with you.

"Hey save me a seat. I need to use the bathroom."

"Okay," you responded as he scurried off.

You sat down on the bleachers an waited for him to return. Soon, the assembly started and a few cheerleaders ran out doing flips.

You see Leo standing back by the wall. Before you could motion for him to come over, he started flipping. He landed in front of the cheerleaders and they began to form a pyramid behind him.

The girl at the top unraveled a poster that read,'(y/n) will you go to prom with me- Leo.'

Without realizing, you were standing. The whole school was looking at you.

"So, what do you say? Will you?" Leo smiled.

You nod your head and run down the steps. You jump into his arms and he spins around in a circle.


Leo told Raph and the rest of his brothers about the prom coming up. Raph didn't have much interest in the subject. He sat in the lair preparing for his football game.

"Raph maybe you should ask her," April said.

"Do you think she even wants to go?"

"Yeah probably. I don't see why she wouldn't." April shrugged.

Raph smirked to himself. He knew exactly how he would ask.


The refs blow their whistles signaling half-time.

The score was 21-14 and your team was ahead. You, along with the rest of the pep squad, jumped up and cheered.

Normally, cheerleaders would begin to cheer along with the band who would play their music, but everyone simply 'awed.'

You looked down at the field to see Raph holding up a sign with one hand. His other hand was placed behind his back.

'(Y/n) will you be my date to prom?'

You jumped up and down and ran to the bottom of the steps and onto the field. You grab a megaphone from one of the cheerleaders.

"Yes," you grin as you yell through the megaphone.

Raph smirks and walks up to you. You remove his helmet and kiss him.


After hearing news about the prom, Donnie tried to figure out a way to ask you.

He decided to go with the first thing- and the simplest thing-that could come to mind.


Usually Donnie would walk to Algebra class with you, but today he was no where to be found. You figured he was just in such a hurry he didn't have time to walk with you.

You opened the door to the classroom and started walking to your seat. You felt as if someone was watching you.

When you sat down, you saw that the entire class was staring at you.

"What?" You shrugged.

Donnie leaned over and gave you a (f/c) flower.

"Read the board," he pointed.

In neat writing, the board read 'Will you go to prom with me (y/n)? -Donnie

You smile and turn back to look at Don.

"Of course!" You nodded your head yes.

The teacher walked through the door and read the board. He looked from Donnie to you and sighed.

"That's cute, but let's not write on my board next time Mr. Hamato."


Once Mikey heard that he had an opportunity to show off his dance moves in front of the school, he was in a rush to ask you to go with him.


You were putting up your books so you could go to lunch. Mikey quickly slammed your locker shut and grabbed your hand, dragging you to the lunch room.

"Mikey what are you-"

"Just wait dudette. You'll see."

Once you reached the lunch room Mikey jumped on top of the table. The room was loud due to all the talking.

"Yo everyone shut up for a sec!" He screamed.

Once the talking died down, Mikey grinned at you.

"(F/n) (l/n) will you be my awesome date to the prom?" He said in a dramatic tone.

"I would be honored Mikey Hamato," you smile back.

He jumps down and hands you a slice of pizza.



It's not often the Casey decides to go to a prom, but this time was different. He wanted to take you and he knew just how he would ask.


You opened your locker and found a piece of paper sitting at the bottom.

You picked it up and unfolded it. It read' Turn around.'

You looked up and turned to see Casey smirking at you. He hands you a box of your favorite candy.

"¿Irás al baile conmigo?"*

"Sure Jones. When did you start paying attention in Spanish class?"

He put his arm around you.

"I actually used Google Translate."

*Will you go to prom with me?

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