When He Really Asks

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(Y/T) (or Casey if you like him) has been upset with himself about bailing out. He rarely answers to your texts over the past two days because he's so ashamed. But he plans to man up soon.


You were lying on your bed, staring at your phone waiting for a reply from Leo. You sighed after waiting for ten minutes. Suddenly you hear a tap on your window.

You shuffled forward towards your window and opened it, knowing Leo was on the other side.

"Hey Leo..."

"(Y/N) pleasebemygirlfriend!" Leo blurted looking intently into your eyes.

"What?" You smiled a little at how nervous he was.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He blushed and look down.

"Okay. I'd love to."


You nod yes smiling. Leo ran and spun you around laughing.

"(Y/N) who's up there?" Your parent yelled from downstairs.

"No one!"


You felt ignored. Raph hasn't responded to a single message since he asked you about your favorite color. Matter of fact, he hasn't even talked or seen you since. You sat alone at your house waiting for your parents to return home.

You heard your window slide open and a soft thud. Without turning your head towards the sound you said," Do you ever knock?"


"And why haven't you replied to my messages?"


"And why haven't you-"

"Because I want you to be my girlfriend but I don't know how to ask you!" Raph huffed with his arms crossed.


"I- uh wanted to figure out a way to-"


"Yes? As in you'll be my girlfriend?" Raph blushed, turning his head.


"Okay. That was easier than I thought."


Donnie took you to the park at about midnight. This was okay since your parents went on vacation.

Sitting on a swing, you noticed Donnie looking around nervously.

"No one will see us Don." You assured him.

"Huh? Oh that's not why I was looking around..."

"Oh then why-"

"(Y/N) will you be my girlfriend. Donnie blushed. "But only of you want to. You don't have-"

You put a finger to Donnie's mouth. "I'd love to Donnie."


You laugh a little,"Yes Don."

"Yes!!! I love being a turtle!" He screamed while running around and pumping his fists in the air.


Mikey brought you to the rooftops to eat some pizzas with him. While Mikey was eating, some of the sauce from the pizza was left on his cheek.

You leaned over and gently wiped it off. You noticed a light blush around his face when you sit back down.

"(Y/N), Donnie told me to tell you that I like you, but I don't know how."

You smile at Mikey, "I like you too, Dr. Prankenstein."

"Aw yeah! So will you be my girlfriend, dudette?"

"Shell yeah!"

"Booyakasha!!!" Mikey yelled while tackling you into a hug.


Casey knocked on your house door a few minutes after he finally text you back.

"Hey (y/n). Ready to go?"

"Go where?"

"To the movies." He said as he grabbed you and led you to the sidewalk.

"Casey the movie theater is that way." You say pointing.

"I-I know. Okay look (nickname) I really like you..." He said taking both of your hands and facing towards you,"so will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yeah. Took you long enough." You laugh and push him playfully.

"Whatever." He laughed with you.

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