Christmas (part 2)

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Before you read here's a key for the rest of the chapters.
(Y/t/c)= your turtle or Casey's name
(F/r)= favorite restaurant
(F/n)= friends name
(F/c)= favorite color
(F/s)= favorite show
(E/c)= eye color
(F/m)= favorite movie

After being with the turtles for a few hours and exchanging gifts, (y/t/c) took you out into the town.


Even though Leo didn't give you a gift you still enjoyed the day with him. Once you two exited the sewer, Leo gave you a blindfold.

"Here put this on."

"Why?" You say while tying the blindfold.

"You'll see." He took your hand and led you through the streets and into a building. He gently sat you down and whispered into your ear, " you can take off the blindfold now."

Opening your eyes, you see that Leo led you to (f/r). "Awww Leo!" You turn to hug him and see that he is casually whistling with his head turned. In his hand there's a box wrapped in (f/c) wrapping paper.

"Is that for me?"

"Nah it's for Raph. I just forgot to give it to him." You look at him confused for a second then notice his smirk and the hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Shut up Leo," you laugh and he hands you the present. Inside there is a necklace with your birthstone. "Thanks Leo," you say before you kiss him.

"Anything for you, Love."


"Where are we going?"

"You'll see," he continues to cover your eyes. After a few more minutes of walking Raph picks you up bridal style.

"What are you-"

"(Y/n) eyes closed!"

"Okay okay," you giggle slightly to yourself. You notice that Raph is jumping from rooftop to rooftop. However,  the jumping stops and Raph sets you down.

"Okay open your eyes."

When you reveal (e/c) eyes you see a table with roses set on top. Music softly played from the radio near by.

"Aw how cute Raph," you turn to talk to him, but he is no longer there. "Very funny." You turn back around and see Raph with a (f/c) box in his hand.

"I thought that maybe be could spend Christmas where we first met... Even though it's kinda cold out." He takes the top off the box and reveals a bracelet with silver charms and a red heart  charm in the middle of them. "Merry Christmas, Chica."

You pull him into a kiss and hug him tightly, not wanting this day to end.


"(Y/n) you ready to leave yet?"

"I'm coming Don."

Donnie grabs your hand and the two of you walk under the entrance.

"Awww Donnie has to kiss (y/n)!" Mikey squealed happily.

"Why? I-I mean not that I don't want to-"

"Why don't cha look up and find out Don."

Looking up, you find a mistletoe right above your heads. You look back at Donnie and see that he's a blushing mess. You lean in and kiss him.

After the kiss Donnie takes you to see a movie. You went to see (f/m). Before the movie started, Donnie stood up and pulled out a purple box. When he revealed the inside, there was a watch and a necklace. The necklace had a single charm and inside the charm was a picture of you and Donnie. "Merry Christmas my Periodic Blossom."

"Aww Donnie!" You jump up and kiss his cheek and hug him tightly.

Everyone in the theatre awed, while you both blushed and awkwardly sat down.


"Dudette this is going to be awesome!" Mikey screamed as he turned on his watch to make him human.

"Mind telling me where we are going?"

"That would ruin the surprise!" He said as opened the manhole and helped you up.

Mikey ran and you struggled to keep up since you had no idea where he was going. He stopped at a building.

"Here we are Skater Girl. Antonio's Pizza." Inside, a table sat with candles and rose petals under the center piece, a picture of you and Mikey.

"Aww Mikey this is so sweet!" You hugged him.

"Oh that's not all," he winked. "Here."

He gave you an orange box that contained (f/c) ear rings. "This is amazing Mikey. Thank you!"

"That's not the best part! Look!" He held up two handfuls worth of coupons for pizza.

"I'll let you keep those Mikey," you say before you kiss him.


Casey seemed worried about something as he held your hand. He opens the door to thee building and you look in to find a laser tag arena to your left.

Casey pays for your entry and you both run inside the arena.

"How ya liking the game so far?"

"It's been interesting," you laugh.

"Close your eyes."


"It's a secret," you finally close your eyes and Casey places a box in your hand. You open your eyes and see that inside the box was a watch with both your name and Casey's engraved around it.

"Aww thank you Case!" You ran up to hug him but stopped when someone shot you with your laser. Then Casey was shot also.

"He's mine, (y/n)! Mine!"

"What the heck April?!" You yell in unison.

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