When He Has Game: Don & Mikey

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Don tied his shoes. He stood and prepared himself for the game. He jumped off the bench and looked around the field for you.

When he spotted you, he used his stealth to sneak up on you. He wrapped his hands around your waist and hugged you from behind.

You yelp a little before you realize it was Donnie.

"Shouldn't you be out there warming up or something?"

"I will. I was only coming to say hi."

You smile and turn around, kissing his cheek,"Good luck Dr. Don."

He slightly blushes from the nickname.

"Could you come up with a cornier nickname?"

"Oh shut up, Gappy," you grin at him.

He smiles,"I guess you can."

You laugh with him. One of his teammates walk up to him and whispers something. Donnie nods and the boy walks away.

"I gotta go. Bye Blossom." He smirks and turns away.


Donnie races down the field along with his teammate who is guiding the soccer ball.

Don's team easily slips past all the defenders. He passes the ball to Donnie and he swiftly kicks the ball past the goalie for the game winning goal.

He jumps up and cheers along with his team and the fans. He runs over to you, grabs your face, and pulls you in for a kiss.


You sat in the front row sitting with the pep squad. The basketball team ran out the locker room in two separate lines around the court.

Mikey was in the back of the line giving out a goofy grin to the crowd. When he ran by you he kissed your hand and continued to run.

You blushed, but kept cheering.


The score was tied 60-60. Twenty seconds remained on the clock. The opposing team had the ball. Another 15 seconds was taken off the clock before they made a shot, giving them the lead 60-62.

Mikey's teammate passed the ball in and Mikey took a dribble and shot the ball from half court. Time seemed to slow as the buzzer rang.

The ball fell through the net. Mikey hit the game winning shot. 63-62.

The crowd screamed and piled into the court. You ran and jumped into Mikey's arms. You kissed him and he spun you around.

No Casey because I've written this scenario a few times already. Please don't hate me :)

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