Hey There, Michael -Donnie

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"Donnie, I'm going to look for Lincoln. Meanwhile, figure out a way to befriend Michael."

Donnie rolled his eyes slightly. "Yeah because he will be ever so happy to find out I want to be apart of his escape team."

You looked over your shoulder and saw a guard coming to escort you away from Donatello. Taking a step away from the gate, you mumble an I love you, which Donnie replied to in a hushed and nervous voice.

"Visiting time is over ma'am. I'll lead you to the exit." The guard motioned for you to walk forward.

"Right. Bye Donnie."


Two hours later, Donnie was nervously searching for Michael. A crowd surged forward towards the middle of the area that Donnie calls the "recreational patch." From what he has heard from rumor with the other prisoners, he assumed there was a fight about to happen.

He maneuvered through the crowd of men and made his way to the front. There, he saw Michael Scofield in the middle of the circle preparing to fight another muscular convict.

As the fight began, Scofield was knocked backwards into Donnie. He took this opportunity to gain his trust.

"Go for the knee, it will help you get the upper hand." Donnie helped him up. Michael nodded and was pushed forward by the group of men surrounding Donnie.

Michael dodged the convict's punch and managed to kick his kneecap, giving him the opportunity to upper cut him and make him fall on his back.

Michael backed up and tried to leave the circle. The head prisoner, Lechero's, voice boombed from over the balcony.

"Scofield, don't you remember the rules. Only one man is allowed to leave out alive." His dark hands gripped the railing.

While Michael had his back turned, the muscular convict ran after him with a knife in his hand. Another man stepped in front of Michael and killed the convict before he could injure him.

"Like Lechero said, remember the rules. No weapons, just fists."


You ran into the basement of the place where Lincoln, Michael's older brother, was staying until the prison break. You saw Lincoln walk into a dark corner next to a white box.

"Lincoln!" You ran up behind him as he lifted the lid from the box.

He dropped the lid and looked over to you. "Who are you?"

Your mouth fell open, but it wasn't to respond. You had walked in on the scene you dreaded more than anything.

Spoiler alert so skip this next sentence if you plan on watching Prison Break.

Sara's head was in the box.

You screamed and backed away, tears threatening to fall. Lincoln jumped at your outburst and looked to see why you were so scared of the box.

"Oh my God." He backed up. "How will I tell Michael."

He covered the box back up and grabbed your arm, pulling you outside.

"Who are you and what do you know?" He growled.

"I'm (y/n), but I need your help. My boyfriend is in Sona with your brother, but he's innocent! I need you to help me break him out."

"How exactly do you even know about us?"

You almost broke the fourth wall and told him he was apart of a TV show. You looked down at your feet as you tried to come up with a response. You're all over the news dude, now unless you want me to call the cops, save my boyfriend. Obviously they wouldn't scare Lincoln. He's basically a tougher, taller, and scarier version of Raph.

"Donnie, my boyfriend, will be able to help Michael get out. He's smart and he's practically an engineer in training. If anyone can help, it's him."

He gave you a cold hard stare. His phone rang in his pocket. "Hold on... (Y/n)." He then turned to answer the call.

He argued with whoever was on the other end of the call for a few minutes before he hung up.

"I trust you, but if you are lying to me, I won't hesitate to put a bullet right between those pretty (e/c) eyes of yours. Got it?"

You nodded furiously and thanked him.

"I'm going to talk to Michael in an hour. You need to meet me there so we all can talk to your little boyfriend and plan everything out."

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