When You Meet Again: Raph

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Walking back from (sports/band/etc.) you look up at the roof tops wondering when you'll see Raph again.

As if he heard you, Raph's voice sounded from the alley a few feet ahead.

"ANGER ISSUES? I DON'T HAVE ANGER ISSUES!" His Brooklyn accent was booming through your ears. You watch Raph jump down into a manhole.

Out of curiosity, you jumped following him. However, as soon as you landed, strong arms grabbed you and pinned you against a wall.

"Who are you?"

"R-raph it's me (Y/N)..."


"Yeah... What's up?" You ask a little scared.

"Why are you following me?"

"Are you kidding? You were screaming on and on about anger issues!"


"So, I thought I might let you know that... YOU DEFINITELY HAVE ANGER ISSUES!"

Raph turned away from you and put his head down," I-I know. You probably don't want to be around me-"

"Raph it doesn't matter to me. That's a part of you so I accept it. As long as you don't attack me like that again..."

"Hey, no promises." Raph grinned at you which caused you to laugh.

"Very funny."

"I'm not kidding..."

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