When He Joins a Sports Team

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|Leo's PoV|

I was in P.E. playing baseball. Everyone was assigned positions to play and I was given pitcher. The first batter stepped up to the plate at smirked at me.

"I'll go easy on you since you're a newbie."

"How do you plan on doing that?"

"I'll only hit a couple of home runs to make your life easy," he swung the bat, demonstrating.

"We'll see about that," I smiled to myself.

I pitched the first throw, a fast ball. It flew past the boy and over the plate before he had time to react. Everyone looked at me with wide eyes.

"Strike One!"

The batter scowled at me as I began to pitch again. This time it was a curve ball. He swung too early barely hitting it enough to go anywhere.

"Foul ball!"

I shrugged my right shoulder a few times before pitching one last time. This time, the baseball flew at a faster speed than the first time. He swung, but it was too late.

"You're out!"

The boy grunted and threw the bat to the ground. I looked over at the teacher and he smiled back at me.


Not long after, I struck out two more players and switched sides. I was fourth to bat and so far everyone ahead of me ran a single base.

I looked over and saw that the baseball coach was talking to the P.E. director. Then both of their eyes shot back over at me. I quickly looked away and grabbed the bat.

The first time I swung I hit a foul ball in the direction of third base. The first guy I struck out, I believe his name is Jacob, snickered at the play.

Slightly angered, I gripped the bat tighter and readied myself to swing. The pitcher threw the ball and I swung with all my strength. I heard the crack of the baseball against the bat and watched as the baseball flew into the air and into the outfield.

I sprinted to first base and saw that the ball just landed on the ground. Then, I flew past second without looking over my shoulder to find where the baseball was now. My foot tapped third base and I used the last of my energy to run home.

Jacob was speeding towards me. I quickly landed my foot on home base and smirked up at him. Red faced, he stomped off into the outfield.


After I changed out of my P.E. attire, the P.E. instructor and baseball coach walked up to me.

"That's quite an arm you've got there boy. My names Coach Johnson."

"Leo Hamato. Nice to meet you, sir,"I shook his hand.

"So you're one of the Hamato boys all the coaches are interested in? I can see why. I would love to have you as an addition to our team."

"I'd gladly accept."

"Great. We start practicing next week," he hands me a flyer and walks away.

Wait until I tell (y/n) about this.


|Raph's PoV|

I had some extra time after eating lunch. A few of the guys I've became close to invited me to hang out for ten minutes.

Once we walked outside I see a group throwing a football back and forth to each other.

"Hey Raph, heads up!"

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