When His Brother Flirts With You

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These will be based from before any couple got together...


Today, Master Splinter had assigned you to train with Raphael. You were confident, but figured you couldn't beat the cocky muscular turtle.

He steadied himself for the combat before laughing. "I'll go easy on ya, since you're a girl."

"Shut up Raph. I can handle anything you throw at me," you roll your eyes.

Suddenly, a sai was embedded into the wall beside your head. A small scream escaped your lips.Raph laughed again and pulled his sai from the wall.

He leans in close to your ear, a smirk evident on his face.

"Looks like you can't, Sweetheart."

You blushed and rolled your eyes. "Stop flirting with me Raph. Let's just get this over with."

"Why so you can watch that dorky show? What's wrong with hanging with me for a while?"

He charged at you with a smirk. You can tell he wasn't fighting to his best ability. You swung and hit him in the chin.

"Maybe because you're too cocky for your own good."

You dropped your (weapon) and turned around, leaving him. dumbfounded.


Since Raph and Mikey were assigned to patrol for an hour, you sat on the couch. You flipped through the channels on the TV when you landed on Space Heroes.

Before you could turn to the next station, Leo came running into the room. He frowned when he saw the show was no longer on, but smiled when he saw you.

"Hey (n/n). What's up?"

"Nothing, just sitting here bored."

He plopped down next to you, a little too close for your comfort. He put an arm around your shoulder.

"Well, maybe I could change that," he winked at you.

You blushed and began to respond, but an angry Raph stormed into the room.


Leo looked at you,"Gotta blast."

He ran towards the kitchen, with Raph close behind.


You were sitting in Donnie's lab waiting for him to finish up his training. Casey came bounding in with a hockey stick in hand.

"Hey... Do I know you?" He raises an eyebrow.

"Not that I can recall. I'm (y/n), Donnie's friend."

He shook your hand and smirked. "So you aren't his girlfriend?"

You shook your head no and he walked closer to you. His face only inches away from yours.

"Are you looking for a boyfriend? Because I can be your prince charming."

You rolled your eyes and pushed his face back with your hand.

"No thanks. My prince charming needs to have most of his teeth in his mouth."

"Casey what are you doing?" Donnie walked in.

Casey grumbled a response and left.


Donnie and you were paired up during training as partners. For the most part everything went pretty well, until you had to face Leo and Raph.

The two easily defeated you and Donnie. After Splinter dismissed everyone, you went to Donnie's lab so he could patch up your cuts.

"Thanks Donnie,"you smiled.

"A-anytime (y/n). You did good in training today, well everyone except Raph says you did. Raph can be a butt sometimes."

You laughed which caused him to blush slightly. He continued talking.

"He thought that since you were a girl you couldn't hold up a fight, but I think that a pretty girl can fight just as well as anyone else."

He finished patching your arm. You blushed and jumped down from the table.

"Did you just call me pretty?"

He face palmed and blushed even more,"S-sorry."


Mikey wanted someone to play videogames with. When you walked into the lair, he asked you to play and you couldn't say no.

"Thanks for playing with me (y/n)!"

"No problem Mikey."

Before you could finish your sentence, Mikey knocked the controller out of your hand.

"Hey! You cheater!"

"Just because you're a beautiful girl doesn't mean I won't do whatever it takes to win."

"Are you trying to flirt with me Mikey?"

"Hey, it was worth a try," he shrugged.

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