Nightmares (2)

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Y/t/c PoV

I just finished training with my brothers (the guys if you're reading for Casey) and it was decided that I would have to pick up the pizza. An hour later, I placed the pizza on the kitchen table and went to wake up (y/n). Surprisingly, she had been asleep all morning and still hasn't gotten up. I checked my watch, it was noon.

As I opened the door to the room, I heard her mumbling on her sleep. I kissed her forehead.

"Sweetheart, it's time to get up." I gently shook her when she didn't wake up. Still, there was no reaction from her.

"(Y/n)! Come on get up. You're scaring me!"

Leo's PoV

I picked her up and took her to the lab. Donnie looked up from his table and stood when he saw me.

"Donnie, (y/n) isn't waking up! I don't know if she's sick or what but she has a fever and she isn't reacting to anything."

Donnie gave me a worried glance and motioned for me to follow him to the back of the lab. I noticed his girlfriend was lying down on the couch.

"The same thing is going on with (D/G). She hasn't moved since last night." He moved his girlfriend over some and I placed (y/n) next to her.

"Donnie! Get your shell in here!" Raph yelled from the other room.

"No, he needs to help (M/G) first. She has a fever and keeps talking on her sleep!" Mikey came running into the room.

Casey worriedly placed his girlfriend in the comforter and looked to Donnie for help.

"Bring them in here. I think I may know what is going on."


"You remember when we were at the farm house and the Dream Beavers forced us into sleep and tried to drain our life forms?" We nodded.

"Well, I think they might have come back. Except this time, they are after all of our girlfriends." Donnie concluded.

Raph held (R/G)'s hand as he watched her hair change from red to black. "We have to do something Donnie. Look at all the emotions they are going through."

"Yeah, it's like they are on their period or something." Mikey shuddered.

We all glared at him before turning our attention back to the girls. "What? I was just saying..."

"Back to the important topic, How the shell are we supposed to save them?!" Raph yelled loudly enough to wake anybody within a mile up, with the exception of the girlfriends.

"Well the first time I destroyed that book thing and April had communicated with you through that weird mind thing she does." Casey frowned. "But the book thingy is broken and April is gone on vacation."

"Perfect! Everything is just perfect! Why don't you claw my eyes out of my head next!" Raph growled as he stood up.

"Calm down, Raph." I said. "We will figure something out."

Mikey walked closer to the group of girls and brushed his girlfriend's hair out of her face. "Dude it looks like they are glowing or something."

"Glowing? What do you mean?" Donnie jumped up.

"Like remember those mushroom things. That kind of glow."

Donnie pondered for a moment before his eyes widened with realization.

"Do you think those Dream Beavers managed to control the mushrooms? If so, that means that if they were able to stabilize the mushrooms and use them to drain their lifeforms at a faster rate and make them see their biggest fears..."

"So we have to find the source of those mushrooms, and fast." I stood and walked to the dojo.

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