So, You're Percy?- Mikey

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Which god/goddess do you want to claim you for this series thingy?

~Mikey's PoV ~

The camp leaders lead us to the Big House. Once entering the conference room, they had us sit around a large ping-pong table. (I can't remember what the table was so let's just go with it.)

A minute later, the door reopened and revealed none other than the camp's favorite centaur, Chiron. Percy wheeled his wheel chair over to him, and Chiron stepped backwards into the chair until it made only his human aspects show, along with a fake, yet realistic, pair of human legs.

When I took a better glance at his legs, I noticed they were dressed in a 80's style of bright highlight pink leg warmers with black tights. Attempting to hide my child like grin at the sight, I turned my head towards my girlfriend. (Y/n) rose a brow st my behavior, but I told her I'd show her later.

"So, Mr. Michelangelo and Ms. (Y/n), I was informed that you both fell out of the sky a few minutes ago. Would you like to explain how this happened."

"My bros and I were walking with our girlfriends one second and the next we're falling through the sky." I explained, attempting to keep my mind off of his random attire.

"What he means to say is that we were on our way to get pizza when a random portal opened up and sucked us all in. The problem is, everyone was sent to different locations." (Y/n) added.

Chiron nodded his head. "So, you aren't demigods? I wonder how they made it through the barrier."

"We are from an altitude-"

"Alternate." (Y/n) corrected me.

"-dimension and reality. Where we are from, your reality is a bo-"

She covered my mouth with her hand. "Long story short, we don't belong here, but it's possible that here we half-bloods. Not likely, but possible."

Percy piped up next. "You seemed to know a lot about us beforehand. How?"

"Like I was saying earlier," I playfully elbowed (y/n), "in our world Camp Half-Blood and everything that happens here is a book. It's also a really terrible movie series that was so bad they only made two out of the five books and..."

I looked up and realized everyone had confused looks on their faces. (Y/n) face-palmed. "Sorry, didn't mean to rant."

Annabeth moved her blond hair behind her ears. "So, you can tell us exactly what's going to happen?"

"Depending on if we are in a time they is included in the book, yes, but I wouldn't recommend us telling you."

"Because of the possibility of things altering our timeline. That makes sense... (Y/n) right?"

(Y/n) nodded and looked over to Chiron's wheelchair. A smug smile appeared on her face and she quickly turned her attention away from it.

"Is there something wrong Ms. (L/n)?" Chiron rose an eyebrow at her.

She rapidly shook her head 'no' and looked back to Annabeth. I placed my hand on her thigh, grabbing her attention.

"Well, there's always room in the Hermes cabin for two more!" Connor Stoll grinned.

His brother, Travis glared at him. "You know very well we are stacked like sardines in there."

Chiron shushed the two before returning to the subject. "Until you are claimed, assuming that happens, you can stay in the extra room in the big house. There was a... Mishap in the Hypnos cabin, so there isn't much space in the Hermes cabin."

"Thank you, Chiron." She smiled brightly.

Everyone began to file out of the room. Mikey stopped in front Chiron. "So, um, are your legs always like that or...?"

He confusedly looked at me, signaling that he knew nothing of the matter. (Y/n) pushed me out of the room before we heard his angry yell.


Sorry for the late update again. As some of you know I recently had surgery on my shoulder and it makes it harder for me to type. I'll be having doctor's appointments more often now along with physical therapy, so please bare with me. I'm trying to keep the updates coming.

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