When He Accidentally Hurts You

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Since this was already in my drafts and halfway done, I'm publishing this chapter before finishing the mini series I just started in the last one.


Leo was once again meditating in the dojo when you arrived. You sat in front of him and leaned forward to kiss his forehead. Mikey yelled as he ran by with Raph chasing him.

Leo's eyes snapped open and stood quickly, bumping his head against your nose. You held your nose in pain and turned away as Leo tried to comfort you.

"I am so sorry, (y/n) baby. Are you okay?"

"Just... Go get Donnie. I think my nose is broken." You released your nose to see a trickle of blood flowing from your nostrils.


Raph was singing in his room once again. He was currently dancing around to Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony (I really like this song right now so let's go with it). He punched his fists in the air to the beat while you were walking into the room without him noticing.

He did a swift turn and punched in front of him, landing a swift punch to your eye. Raph's eyes widened with realization as he froze. You held your eye as he picked you up and sat on the bed with you in his lap.

"(Y/n)! I'm so sorry. Please forgive me... I..." He rambled trying to find the correct words to apologize with.

"It's... Fine. Just go get me an ice pack."


He was practicing with the bō staff in the dojo. He was unaware of you walking into the room. He swiftly performed a move, which resulted in him sweeping the staff under your legs and making you crash to the floor.

"(Y/n)! I am so sorry! I-I didn't try to." He helped you up.

"I'm okay, but I don't think my butt is." You awkwardly held your butt as you walked out the room, forgetting what you came in for.


Casey and Mikey were currently in the middle of the most dangerous bet ever: who could eat the most sugar based products before getting sick.

Mikey was ahead by one slice of cake, which was his fifth slice. He's already eaten seven tootsie pops, ten Twizzlers, half a container of oreos, three sodas, and well, there is too much to document.

Casey, much like Mikey, has eaten almost the same amount as Mikey, but instead of oreos, he downed five doughnuts.

By the time both of their girlfriends arrived, the two boys were basically bouncing off walls. Casey was swinging his hockey stick around like a microphone stand, and Mikey was waving his nunchucks screaming banana every few seconds.

When Mikey's girlfriend walked passed him, his nunchuck barely missed her face, but because her luck is so great, it ended up hitting her in the shoulder, which will probably bruise later.

Casey swept his hockey stick backwards just as his girlfriend entered, hitting her in the stomach.

Both girls groaned in pain, grabbing the attention of their boyfriends.

"(Y/n)!" They both called their girlfriend's name. "Are you okay?"

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