When He Sees You Naked

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Y/t/c PoV

I was walking down the sewers, heading to the lair. I just finished a date with (y/n) and now I was planning on watching movies with the guys and Splinter. I sat down on the couch, but I quickly stood back up when I realized I sat on something. I bent down to grab (y/n)'s phone from the cushion.

My first instinct was to call her to let her know she left it. Then, I remembered I had her phone. That meant I would have to go back to April's house where she was staying for a girls night out. I called April as I walked out of the entrance to the lair, but she didn't pick up the phone.

What could they be doing?

~Your PoV ~

"April!" You laughed as she threw a chip at you. You returned fire, throwing a marshmallow at her face. This ended up turning into a mini war scene. She managed to pour ketchup all over your clothes and you did the same to her with mustard.

"Okay, I'm hitting the showers. I feel so gross." You laughed as you removed the whipped cream from your shoulders. "And I'm using the one in your room."


~Y/t/c's PoV~

I knocked on April's window, but got no response. I leaned on the glass, somehow managing to push open the window. I heard noise coming from the back of the room. I walked towards the sound until I stopped in front of the bathroom.

The noises ceased so I turned the door handle and opened the door.


"Mother of Captain Ryan!" Leo yelled before slamming the door shut.

"Leo?!" You quickly reached for your towel and covered your body.

Once you had your clothes on, you poked your head out of the bathroom. You found Leo on April's balcony staring into the distance. You walked up next to him.

"I am so sorry." He blushed and looked away.

"I'm sorry you had to see that..." You mumble.

"What are you talking about? You look great." He had a small smile on his face.

You elbowed him in his side. "Too soon?" He asked.


When he opened the door, he just looked at you, his blush darkening every millisecond. You felt the draft come in with there door and turned to see Raph. You hid behind the gray shower curtain and motioned for him to leave.

"Get. Out!"

"Okay, okay I'm leaving. Nice butt by the way."

You threw a roll of tissue at him, which he caught before closing the door. You began to put your clothes on, but realized you left your shirt on April's bed. Slightly opening the door, you could see the back of Raph's shell.

"Uh, Raph?" He jumped at your voice. He covered his nose and looked at you.


"Can you pass me my shirt?" He ran to you with the shirt, still covering his nose, and faced away from you.

Once you had your shirt on, you entered the room to see him fumbling with the tissue. You rose a brow.

"You alright there, tough guy?"

"No I'm not alright. You frickin gave me a nose bleed!"


We all know Donnie it's capable of determining the possible outcomes for situations. When he opened the door, he wasn't expecting to see you naked.

"Sewer apples! I'm sorry. Oh my God. I'm-"

"Donnie close the door!" You yelled as you quickly wrapped a towel around you. He covered his face with one hand and swung the door closed.

"I meant leave Donatello!" You exclaimed again.

If it was even possible, his blush darkened. "R-right! I'm so sorry..." He slammed the door when he finally exited the bathroom.

He slid down the door with his head in his hands. April walked in and raised a brow at the red faced turtle.

"You walked in on her didn't you?" She crossed her arms.

Donnie simply nodded and left your phone on the floor before leaving.


"How come my chest doesn't look like that?" Mikey said confusedly.

"Michelangelo! Get out!" You throw a bottle of body wash at him and cover yourself with your towel.

He closed the door before he could get hit with the body wash and sat wide eyed on the opposite side. When you finally came out of the bathroom, Mikey took that as an opportunity to ask questions.

"So, girls don't have any-"

"DON'T say it Mikey! No we don't have certain things guys have."

"But how come I can't have pecs like you? They're-"

"Boobs! They're boobs Mikey." You cut him off. "Now can we please forget this happened?"

"I mean you can forget, but I don't know if I-"

You turned around and looked at him. "Okay, okay. I'll try."


"Nice, babe." He smirked.

"I swear I will beat you with your bat if you don't get out Jones!" You threw a comb at him as you covered your body with your towel.

"Okay, chill. I'm gone." He slowly backed out of the room.

"Now! Casey!" You threw conditioner at him.

"Okay! I'm out!" He slammed the door.

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