When He Gets Advice:Donnie ,Mikey, Casey

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Donnie went to April about his crush when it first began, but things didn't really go well then. She's been ignoring him ever since. So, even though it pains him to say it, he's going to have to go to Casey for advice on girls.

"Look gap tooth, just be cool about it. If she likes you okay if not oh well."

"Okay? But how do I- "

"Drop some hints like a girl would. Make the first move." Casey stated simply.

"That might work. Thanks Casey."

"No problem. And if she doesn't like you, send her this way." Casey smirked.

"Shut it Jones." Don growled.


Mikey went to the only other person he believes is smarter than him, Donnie. He didn't even hesitate about the telling him.

"Don, I have this huge crush on (Y/N). What do I do?"

"Tell her."

"Did you tell April?"

"Umm... This isn't about me!"

"Whatever D. But when do I tell her?"

"Whenever your ready Mikey." Donnie placed a hand on Mikey's shoulder.


Casey really didn't think it through on who he should go to for advice. He went to the one and only Raphael. "Yo Raph!"

"What up, Casey?" Raph grunted in between words, due to him punching a punching bag.

"Okay so I like this girl named (Y/N) and I don't know what to do..."

Smirking, Raph stops murdering the punching bag and leans on the wall.

"Lost your cool Jones? Since when do you girl problems?"

"She's different, man! She's way better than April. Donnie can have her. (Y/N) is all I want, bro." Casey threw his arms in the air.

"Well then go to her. I'm glad you like someone other than April." Raph said slightly annoyed.


" 'Cause you and Don used to argue over her all day. That was annoying."

"Whatever Raph." Casey said while rolling his eyes.

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