Nightmares (1)

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First off, the results for the tmnt children are...

Leo- twin boy and girl (Ryan and Venus)

Raph- daughter (it's between Rosy and Serena)

Donnie-daughter (Valerie or Diana)

Mikey- twins boy and girl (Spencer and Violet or Milo and Miley)

I won't be doing Casey in my husband scenarios if I do decide to make a book...

You looked around, trying to see in the darkness that surrounded you. A light siren began to sound in the distance. Slowly, you stepped forward, using your hands to guide you between the two walls that had formed on either side of you. A low groan of metal grinding on concrete came from either side of you. The walls were closing in

Quickly, you ran forward to get out from in between the area that was gradually shrinking in size. You rammed into a hard surface and fell backwards. Holding your nose, you felt fresh blood begin to ooze from your now crooked nostrils. The new wall was now at your feet, creeping up in the opposite direction. A single light flashed on and off, revealing a fourth wall coming towards you.

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