When You Meet Again:Leo

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You constantly thought about the blue masked turtle you came across two weeks ago. Everyday you walked by the alley that you met him in, finding somewhat comfort and trust there. You plug your earphones into your phone and play your favorite song. You hum and sway to the beat of the song.

~~~Leo's PoV~~~

Leo heard a soft hum while on patrol with his brothers on the roof tops. Curious, he leaned over the edge of the roof and saw you smiling and slightly dancing to the music you played.

Leo smiled and watched you, happy to see you again.

"Whatcha looking at Leo?" Mikey asked, looking over Leo's shoulder.

"Nothing! Let's keep patrolling!"

"What's got you shakin' up Fearless?"

"It's nothing just... Let's go." Leo turned around and looked at you once more only to see you smirking up at him with your arms crossed.

"Nice to see you again Leo," you waved.

"Uh... H-hi (y/n). Funny seeing you here."

"Ooh is that your giiiiirlllfriieend?"

Leo blushed. "N-no..."

"Aw Leo has a crush!"


"Sorry Leo. I'll leave you alone with your giiirlfriieend." Donnie and there others laughed.

Leo turned away, his face flushed with embarrassment. "Did you hear any of that (y/n)?"

"Oh only all of it." You smile at Leo and put a hand on his shoulder after finishing you climb to the roof top.

"Heh so umm what's up?"

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