Extra Characters Scenarios (3)

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Date Night (part one)

Master Splinter

Once again, you were visiting Yoshi and his small turtle tots. Mikey jumped on your back when you entered the lair, nearly giving you a heart attack. Following Mikey was Leo with a Captain Ryan action figure in his hand.

"(Y/N)! (Y/N), look! Father found me a-" Leo's eyes were bright as he jumped up and down in front of you, attempting to show off his new toy. Mikey interrupted him.

"I do believe I was talking first, Leo. (Y/N) I got this new video game and I've been waiting forever to play it with you." Mikey dramatically fell over your shoulder into your arms with a hand over his head.

You laughed lightly. "It's only been a day since the last time I saw you Mikey. Why don't you go get your game while I talk to Mr. Leo here?"

Mikey hugged you tightly before taking off to his room, yelling something about the game. You picked up little Leo and walked over to the couch.

"Now, you were saying, Leonardo?" You sat him in your lap.

His bubbly attitude returned and he grinned widely at you. "Captain Ryan is awesome! Sensei saw how much I love Space Heroes and bought me my own Captain Ryan. Now we can go on adventures together!" He jumped up and put a hand on his hip and had the other one in the air pointing at the ceiling. In his best Captain Ryan voice, he said: "A captain must always go down with his ship."

Just then, Raph came in with a water gun. "Well, Captain, I'm taking over this ship." He sprayed poor Leo until Leo ran out of the living room. 

You smiled slightly. "Where did you get that water gun from?"

"I found it in the sewers one day and Donnie fixed it up for me." Raph said before ducking down in front of you.

Mikey entered the room a second later. "(Y/N), this game is gonna be great. It's-" Just as Mikey ran to the opposite side of the couch, Raph jumped out from his hiding spot and sprayed Mikey with water. 

"Raph! My game is gonna get wet!" Mikey cried out.

"The Nightwatcher shows no mercy!" He chased after Mikey with an evil grin on his face.

"Uncle! Uncle!"

You laughed at the turtles and picked up Mikey's game from the floor. When you sat back on your knees, you came face to face with a walking stack of books. 

"Need help there, Donnie?" You said as you grabbed most of the books from his hands just as he was about to drop one.

"Heh, thanks (Y/N)." He smiled his famous gap-toothed grin. "Do you know anything about photosynthesis? I just got this book on it, and I was wondering if maybe you could help me with it?" He handed you the book.

"I know the little I was taught when I was younger, but I'll gladly help you, Donnie."

His eyes lit up. "Great! I'll go get the other five books I have on it." He jumped down from the couch and ran towards his lab.

"Donnie, run! A monster is coming!" Mikey yelled as he passed Donatello.

"There's no such thing as monsters, Mikey." 

"The Nightwatcher has found another potential spy! No mercy!" Raph screamed as he sprayed Donnie with water.

"I take it back, Mikey. There is such thing as monsters!" Donnie took off running in the direction his brother went. 

Leo poked his head out from his hiding spot. He tiptoed into the living room, but instantly changed directions when he saw Raph coming towards him. Raph tried to shoot him, but he ran out of water.

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