Extra Character Scenarios (1)

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How you meet:


You were walking the streets of New York when you heard a crash and the sound of fighting. You watched as a man ducked and dodged lasers from a group of identical men. He seemed to hand the upper hand until they threw a canister of a blushish-green glowing liquid onto him and sprinting away.

You crouched next to him, but stepped back when he began to mutate into a large rat. You looked over your shoulder to see a similar process happening to four small turtles. Eventually, he rolled over and began to get up.

"A-are you okay?" You helped him up, cautious of the mutagen.

"I'm okay, just no longer fully human." He said in a strong accent.

You opened your mouth to say something else, but ceased when a small three-fingered hand grabbed your pant's leg. You smiled and picked up the little turtle.

"Will everything be okay with you? Do you need somewhere to stay or-"

"Thank you for the generosity, but I think I can find a way to protect myself and the small turtles. If I do though, I'll give you a call." He smiled a little.

You gave him your phone number and handed him the baby blue eyed turtle before leaving.

Oroku Saki (Shredder)

You heard a crash and battle cries come from the rooftop of your neighbor's home. Curiously, you looked out of your highest window to see five figures; four of which were attacking one lone figure. You assumed he was being jumped, yet he managed to have the upper hand in the battle. Weapons clashed repeatedly, until finally the four smaller shadows randomly disappeared.

The lone man slowly turned and noticed your glance. You quickly closed your curtains and pretended as if nothing happened. Moments later, there was a knock on your door. Instead of opening the door to greet what/who lied on the other side, you stopped in your tracks and remained quiet. Another round of knocks echoed down the hall, except this time a voice followed.

"Open the door. I know you're there."

You sighed and slowly cracked the door open. A man standing in a gray suit and a burned face stood on the other side.

"Yes?" You focus on the pin on his shirt.

"What did you see a few minutes ago?"

"A man was being jumped. I was going to call for help, but he seemed to handle it just fine." You shrugged.

"Well, I am that man. My name is Oroku Saki. And you are?"

"I'm (y/n). (Y/n) (L/n)."

He then nodded and turned his back to you. Looking over his shoulder he said, "Maybe we will meet again."

Mondo Gecko

Every night the sound of a skateboard erupted from your roof. Tonight, you were stressing over (worst subject) finals and you couldn't focus with all of the noise. Rolling your eyes, you put on your shoes and climbed up the fire escape.

Shushing came from behind the vent on your roof. "I can hear you. You might as well come out."

You saw a foot appear, but quickly was pulled back. Then hushed voices began to speak.

"What are you doing dude?!" One voice said.

"She already heard us, so why not?" A second voice said.

"What if she gets scared?" The first voice responded.

"I won't get scared. I just want to see who you are so I can get back to studying." You crossed your arms.

"Well, babe, they call me Mondo. Mondo Gecko." A Gecko stepped out.

"Mondo huh? Well if you could quiet down your cowabungas for like five more minutes. And tell your friend too."

"Mikey, she knows you're there. Come on dude she's cool." Once the words left his mouth, a large turtle stepped out from his hiding spot.

"I didn't catch your name Sweetheart." Mondo smiled at you.

"Names (y/n). Now if you want to continue this conversation you should let me finish this stupid (worst subject) and I'll be back."

"I'll be here!" He yelled after you as you descended.


You recently joined the Foot Clan. Shredder was a relative to your dad, so your parents forced you to join after taking 12 years worth of ninjitsu.

You groaned as you heard Shredder go on and on about a new addition to the team. He called your name and told you to enter the room. Opening the door, your eyes fall on a man of darker skin. He held your stare until you kneeled in front of Shredder.

"Yes, Master Shredder?" You faked a respectful tone.

"(Y/n), I need you to show Xever around the base for me. Make sure he doesn't cause any trouble. You are to be his escort for the next month."

"A month?!" You quickly fixed your tone. "Yes Master Shredder." You turned around and motioned for Xever to follow you.

"So, (y/n) is it?" He wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

"Don't touch me. After this month is over, we don't have to communicate anymore unless we are on a mission together."

"I'm hoping we could become partners." He winked.

"In your dreams, Lover Boy."


The Street Phantoms surrounded you on all sides. You clutched your futuristic book tightly in your hands. You needed to get the book to O'Neil Tech.

"Give us the book girl." Jammerhead said in his annoying voice.

"No! Get away from me!" You ran towards the street. You managed to go right through one of the Phantoms. Sprinting down the street, you hurriedly made your way to the large building. Jammerhead tackled you to the ground, causing the book to skid away. Suddenly, a robot landed in front of you, quickly ridding the area of the Street Phantoms. You stood and picked up the book hologram.

"Hey are you okay?" The dome from the top of the robot opened to reveal none other that Cody Jones.

"Yes, thank you Mr. Cody Jones." You smiled.

"Please, call me Cody." He stepped down and shook your hand.

"Well, I was sent to take this to O'Neil Tech, but I suppose you are the next best thing." You handed him the holographic book device.

He opened the device and appeared surprised by its content. "Thanks. Might I ask where you got this from?"

"I work with the Postal Company, well temporarily. I didn't get any information on who sent it." You shrug.

"Well, thanks, a lot." He smiled. "I'll catch up with you later okay..."

"(Y/n). (Y/n) (L/n)."

Let me know if I should continue this some more :)

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