The "L" Word

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Once again, Raph and Leo were at each others throats, arguing. And since Raph's girlfriend wasn't here, there was no way to cool him down.

You slowly pulled Leo away from the argument and sat him down in front of the TV to watch Space Heroes.

"You let your girlfriend control you now, Fearless?" Raph barked at Leo with a smirk. Offended, Leo quickly stands to defend himself, but you lower him back down on the couch.

"Just calm down Captain. Raph is going to want the last word no matter what." You messaged his shoulders.

"Yeah but-"

"I mean really, who pooped in his cornflakes to anger him so much?"

Leo laughed and the tenseness in his body lessened and he relaxed. "I'll be right back."

You leave for your bag in Leo's room and bring back a batch of brownies.

"My mom wanted me to share them with my cousin later, but I think this is more important." You kiss his cheek and sit next to him.

He takes a bite into one of the brownies and momentarily has a dream like expression on his face.

"(Y/n) I love you!" He screamed. Once he realized what he said and noticed your blush, he became embarrassed and hung his head down. "Well, I-I honestly do..."

"I love you too, Leo Bear," you smirk.

He laughs and cups your cheek. "I like the nickname Captain better," he says before kissing you passionately.


After the argument with Leo, Raph was heated and beyond annoyed. What he didn't know was that Leo's girlfriend had texted (y/n) and told her everything.

You called immediately after.

"Another fight, Raphie?"

"How'd you know?"

"Do you want to come over and watch a movie or something?"

"On my way now, Chica."


When he reached your window you pulled him into a hug and a kiss.

"I assume you missed me?" He smirked pulling away from the kiss.

"Only a little," you kiss him again and walk into your living room.

The movie silently waited to play and the pizza's pleasant aroma lingered through the house. Raph sat down and helped himself to the pizza while you started the movie.

"Are you feeling better now?"

"About what?" He looks confused at you which caused you to laugh. You sit on his lap and rest your head on his shoulder.


"Yeah Raph?"

"I love you."

You smile to yourself and whisper,"I love you too."


Explosion after explosion and failed attempts to improve and create inventions, Donnie's stress levels were through the roof.

"Don please don't stress over this. Take a break."

"But nothing is going right!" He screamed through utter frustration.

You walk up to him and lift his head up, causing him to look into your eyes. "We're going to take a walk and calm down. You're going to put your watch on too. Do you understand, Donatello?" He nods as his cheeks heat up.


Hand in hand, the two of you walk in the park. "Thanks for this (y/n). I really appreciate it."

"Anytime Don." You hug closer to him and he puts his arm around your shoulders.

"I-I don't know how to say it, but (y/n).... I love you," Donnie blushes and turns his head.

"I love you too."


"I said I love you, Gappy." You laugh.

"Don't act like my gap isn't a lady winner. It won you over didn't it?"

"Don't get too cocky now Don."

"You know it's true," he winks at you, which causes you to blush.

"Yeah it's true."


Leo, Donnie, Mikey, and Raph was playing one of the video games in the lair while you sat reading.

"Eye beam! Use the eye beam!"

"Noooo! I was so close!" Mikey cried.

His brothers pushed him out the way and continued their tournament.

He whimpered and slowly walked to the couch by you. "Hey Mikester."

"I lost... I can't believe I-"

"Wanna go get some pizza?"

"Yes! Let's go!" He grabbed your hand and ran out the lair.


After going through three boxes of pizza by himself, Mikey offered you a piece. You smiled and shook your head no. "That was all for you Mikey." You kissed his cheek

"See this is why I love you!"

You blushed and turned away. When you turned around to respond, Mikey kissed you and pulled away. "And I mean that, Dudette."

"I love you too, Mikey."

Mikey leaned in and kissed you, pulling you into his lap.

"So, wanna play a video game?"

You laugh and nod your head yes.



The crowd seemed to be frozen in time when the buzzer sounded that the fourth quarter ended. Both teams were tied, and both wanted the win.

Casey looked around nervous and then finally his eyes found you.

You blew him a kiss and gave him two thumbs up. He smiled and returned his eyes back to his coach.


Both teams, once again, were tied with 15 seconds left in overtime. Concentrated, Casey scores with a second left on the clock. Everyone on the home's team jumped and high five each other, cheering. With joy, you ran down to the rink to the opening of the fence line structure that surrounded the ice.

Casey glided over to you, cupped your cheeks, and kissed you. He pulled away and rested his forehead against yours, " I love you so much."

"I love you too." He kissed you again and the crowd awed.

"Oh grow up!" You heard April's voice in the stands.

"Shut up!" The entire arena screeched back. A few people around her threw popcorn at her until she left. The two of you laughed and quickly kissed once more and hugged.

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