New Years:Raph

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You were dancing to your favorite song, oblivious to your surroundings.

When your song ends you hear a tap on your window and a light laugh.

"How much of that did you see?"

"Only all of it," Raph smirks.

"That's... Embarrassing," you blush," why are you here anyway?"

"To take you on our date. I hope you still got some dancing in you."

"Date? Where?"

"You'll see. Go get ready."

After about 30 minutes you finally finish getting ready and walk out.

"Alright, Raphie, let's go."

"Raphie? Is that what you just called me?"

"Yep. Now let's go."

He turns on his watch and turns into his human form. Walking, he turns the corner to April's house. You could hear the music roaring and see the lights flashing. Raph opens the door and motions for you to walk in.

After a few awkward falls into people you finally became comfortable with the scene. Grabbing Raph, you starting dancing together.


"Hey (y/n)?"

"Yeah Raph?"

"Follow me."

He guides you up a series of steps until you reached the rooftop. Inside you hear everyone counting down from 10. Once the crowd screamed one Raph pulled you on for a kiss.

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