Vacation: Leo

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All the chapters will start similar, but only the first paragraph or so...

~Your PoV~

After months and months of homework, tests, and finals, you were finally released from the jail which is also known as school. You hugged your friends goodbye before heading back to the lair. You wanted to plan out an amazing summer with Leo, but you wanted to wait for him to return home in order to do so.

He told you that he, Casey, and his brothers were going to hang out today for a while, so that left you, Casey and his brothers' girlfriends, Ice Cream Kitty, and Master Splinter. An hour went by before you guys decided to watch a movie together. You placed Ice Cream Kitty inside a portable cooler in front of the TV. Splinter handed out cheesicles and (favorite pizza) to everyone before turning on (favorite movie).

Halfway through the movie, Leo unexpectedly came sprinting into the lair, grabbed you by your hand, and dragged you to his room. He had a wide smile on his face.

"So, what if I suggested going on vacation this summer?" His smile turned into a slight smirk.

"Where exactly would we be going," you began,"and how exactly would we afford the tickets?"

"What if I told you that I managed to get tickets to Hawaii?" He flicked his wrist around with the plane tickets in hand.

"Woah, Leo, how did you...?" you trailed off, grabbing one of the plane tickets.

"Raph, Donnie, and I were walking through the mall and there was this booth to win vacations. Long story short, I won two tickets for us to go. What do you say?"

"I say: Shell yeah!" you ran to your separate room in the lair to pack your bags.

~~~~Time Skip~~~~

The plane ride was not too bad, besides a couple of crying babies and a select few of people snoring away the time. You stayed cuddled up to Leo the entire time. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and stared out the window at the scene below him. Leo was looking forward to having some quality time with you, away from all the drama, the Kraang, and the Foot. No brothers, no homework, and no worries.

Stepping off the plane, you walked hand in hand down the long corridor and waited to pick up your bags. Leo pointed to a man in a suit holding a sign: HAMATO, LEO.

The ride to the resort was comfortable. The Cadillac Limo glistened in the lights as it turned down the roads, stopping at your destination, the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort and Spa. The room was cozy, including a dining area, a mini living room, a large bed, a balcony, and a beautiful view of the ocean. Leo walked over to the bed, picking up a small brochure filled with multiple activities for the stay.

 Leo walked over to the bed, picking up a small brochure filled with multiple activities for the stay

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"Today they have helicopter tours, whale watching, and hiking. You want to do any of that?" he walked towards you.

"I was thinking more along the lines of a spa treatment and massage." you wiggled your eyebrows as you flopped onto the bed. Leo rolled his eyes at you, once again motioning to the brochure.

"That," he began," is not until eight. So, I suggest we take a hike now then we can go to the spa."

"Yeah, yeah. Okay." you kissed him and rolled over on the bed, facing the window. You motioned for him to lay next to you, which he instantly did, cuddling up to you.

The calming sound of the waves splashing against the shore slowly lulled you towards slumber.

~~~Time Skip~~~

The hike proved to be fun, seeing the wildlife and vegetation of the island. There were offers to take a three day long hiking tour, but you and Leo decided to just take a few hours worth of a walk then went to spend some time of relaxation at the resort's spa.

After the massage, you went to the pools and hot tubs. A few of the waitresses in the area brought some (favorite drinks) for you to sip on and some towels to dry off with. Leo pulled you against him and kissed you passionately until you needed to separate for air. A group of people walked into the area, designating the pools they would relax and swim in. One man in particular decided he wanted to share a hot tub with the two of you, which was fine until he chose to create his own personal bubbles...

Wrapped in your towels, Leo unlocked the door to your suite.

"That was a serious mood killer." he mumbled under his breath.

Aside from the gassy man, the rest of night was spent by the two of you on the balcony, star gazing. The remainder of the two weeks included multiple activities ranging from luaus to watching the stage production 'Ulalena.

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