When You Train

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I shouldn't really call this chapter "when you train" since only 2% of it is about training... oh well


You were asleep on the couch in the lair when a light shaking woke you up.

"Hey, beautiful. Time get up. "

You look over at Leo and smile. Then you pick up a pillow and throw it at him. And being the ninja that he is, he easily catches it.

"Come on please. "

"Okay fine. What's up? "

"You and I are going to train. When you got kidnapped it made me realize that you will need the extra protection for when I'm not around."

He grabs your hand and helps you up.

***An hour later***

Leo and his brothers left to patrol again and you decided to go home.

You walk to your house door and look for your keys. Once you found them you look back at your door and jump back.

A note was taped to your doorway. Sloppy handwriting was scribbled into the page.


Even though I did kidnap you not much time ago, I know that you truly don't love that hideous turtle. Plus, he definitely doesn't love you. If he truly did do you think that he would secretly search for Karai.

Don't be stupid,
Tiger Claw

Reading the note, you felt a part of you become convinced. However, that feeling came and went as fast as a blink of an eye.

You shake your head and walk into your house, tucking the note into your pocket.


Raph had you in the Dojo. He was explaining how to get into a fighting stance.

"Okay now you do it."

You adjusted and stood awkwardly. Raph smirked and walked over to you. He placed his hands on your hips and steadied you. You look up at him and see that he had a light blush on his cheeks.

"Am I too hot for you Raph?" You laugh and kiss him.

He kisses back and pulls you closer. As you two were kissing, Leo called out for Raph.

"Raph, Purple Dragon action downtown."

Raph ignored him and pulled you in closer.


"Okay Okay I'm coming. " Raph grunted. He kissed you again and left.

You sat under the tree. Your phone rang and an unknown caller Id popped up. You let it go to voice mail.

You see that the caller left a message and you replayed it.

(Y/n) I just called to let you know that I know the truth. You don't love that turtle. And he doesn't love you. You need to stay away from mutants like him like me. He will just crush your heart and laugh at your pain. By the way this is Slash...

You sat confused. Millions of questions flooded through your mind. Should you believe Slash? Or is he just trying to get inside of your head?

You push the thoughts aside and grabbed your things to leave.

Little did you know that Master Splinter heard the message.


Donnie was currently teaching you how to properly use a boa staff. For the most part you were able to keep up with Don. That is, until he started to show you more complex moves.

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