Tickle Fights

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You were watching Space Heroes with Leo on the couch. Like usual, his attention was on the screen. He had a huge smile plastered on his face as he leaned closer to the TV.

You smiled and rolled your eyes at your boyfriend who was such a fanboy whenever his favorite show played. You looked down at your phone, scrolling through (favorite social media site). You felt someone poking at your sides, gaining your attention. You let out a laugh and looked up to see Leo smirking.

"I didn't know you were ticklish, (y/n)."

"Okay so what, it's natural," you turned your attention back to your phone.

He instantly started tickling your sides causing you to squirm and laugh. After a few minutes, he finally stopped and began to watch Space Heroes again.

Just wait until you got your revenge on Leo.


"Come on, (y/n), please?" Raph begged.

Currently, Raphael was trying to convince you to go rooftop running with him. Splinter just had you and the rest of the girls training all morning and now you just wanted to rest.

"Can't you just wait until it's patrol time? That way you can not only run the rooftops, but you can beat people up too."

"But I want to spend some training time with you," he walked up to you and hugged you.

"Maybe tomorrow Raphie."

"Okay I tried to be nice, but you asked for it..."

Raph lightly tackled you to the ground, tickling you. You tried to get away without laughing, but it was no use.

"Okay, OKAY!" You managed to say between laughs,"I'll go just stop ticking me!"

"That's more like it," he helped you up,"we'll leave in five."


You walked into the lab to find Donnie asleep. You were going to let him sleep, but you remembered the time you fell asleep and he tickled you to wake you up. Now it was your turn.

You walked up behind him quietly so you wouldn't wake him. You poked his side once, which resulted in a slight movement from him. From there, you began to tickle his sides, making him wake up instantly. He laughed and tried to push you away.

"(Y/n), stop! I'm up."

"Well good morning sleepy head," you teased,"Do you know you whistle in your sleep because of your gap?"

"Do you know that I'm about to get you back for waking me up?"

You took off running, with Donnie trailing close behind.


Pranking Mikey ended with him chasing you around the lair. You ran around the couch and towards the kitchen. Mikey followed, gaining on on you by jumping over the couch. You grabbed the pizza box, causing Mikey to stop.

"Woah, dudette don't do anything Jurassic!"

"What? Oh you mean drastic. Step back or the pizza goes buddy."

You shook the box, but no sound came, indicating that the box was empty. Mikey smiled and tackled you to the ground tickling your sides.

"Uncle! Uncle!"

"Your uncle's not here (y/n)," he laughed,"so you better say it."

"Okay okay Dr. Prankenstein is the best prankster ever!" You laughed.


The hockey team had just won the game and just returned from celebrating. Casey was in a good mood, talking on and on about the game. You smiled at his enthusiasm.

"Hey, (y/n), guess what?"

"What's up Case?"

When he didn't respond you turned to face him, but he was no longer there. Suddenly, you felt someone tickling you. You tried to run away from him, but unfortunately for you, Casey was stronger.

"Casey stop!"

"Do you give up?" He smirks.

"Yes! Just stop!"you laugh.

Casey leaned in by your ear and whispered,"Looks like I've won again."

Hey look it's a longer chapter. I have major writers block and only have one idea for future chapters so if you could comment or message me ideas that would be great!

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