When You Fight the Foot

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We all sat around a circular table, each couple next to each other, at a dinner and show restaurant. I look at (y/n) smiling and turned my attention back to the singer on the stage. Suddenly, the lights in the building all turned off and multiple pairs of glowing red lights appeared around the building.

"I have come for you turtles!" Rahzar's voice echoed.

The lights flashed on and off, revealing multiple Footbots, Rahzar, and Fishface.

"Do you guys ever give up?"

"We'll give up when we use your dead bodies to make turtle soup," Rahzar approached the group.

You all unsheathed/pulled out your weapon(s). The crowd all huddled in the corner, since the doors were all slammed shut.

"Attack!" Leo commanded, sending you all into battle.


The last Footbot fell as Rahzar and Fishface retreated. The crowd slowly started to leave their designated corners. You and (y/t/c) smiled at each other, hugging and high-fiving the group.

Just then, the crowd erupted in claps and whistles. You all looked towards the people, obvious confusion plastered on your faces.

The manger of the store approached your group,"I don't think we had you scheduled, but that was an amazing show."

(Y/t/c) stepped forward,"Uh thanks. We worked pretty hard on it. Glad you liked it."

The manager nodded and walked away. The crowd dispersed, and you all began to walk back to the lair.

"That... Was interesting,"you said.

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