When You Save Him (4)

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You found an emergency escape ladder on the side of the Foot building. You climbed and took out one of the security cameras with the (weapon) Leo gave you.

You peered into the window and saw Leo tied up and unconscious against a pole. Tiger Claw and Fishface stood guard in front of him.

You heard Rahzaar growl not too far away from you. His shadow appeared to the left of you. You quickly went back down the ladder to wait until he left.

You backed up against the wall and felt your hand touch a metal box. It was the electric panel. You flipped all the switches off and stabbed your (weapon) into it, breaking the system.

You swiftly climbed up the ladder and carefully went through the window.

Tiger Claw growled a few feet next to you.

"I can't see you, but I can smell you." His voice became closer.

Once you were sure he was next to you, you knocked him out with the butt of your (weapon). He crumbled to the ground. You reached and grabbed his heat and freeze guns.

Fishface clomped around trying to find his way through the darkness. You listened closely and shot the freeze gun and his foot.

"What the- Tiger Claw this is NOT funny!"

You shot again at his other leg, then snuck over too Leo. You carefully untied him and carried him out. While you were taking him back to the lair, he slowly opened his eyes.

"(Y/n)? How did you..." He coughed.

"Don't worry about it. You're going to be okay."

"Thanks," he coughed again.


You inched through the sewers. Spiders and roaches crawled around the small groups. The sight was sickening.

Light shone from one of the passages. Your phone signaled that that was where Raph was.

You looked around the corner and quickly pulled back. Two giant spiders stood guard in front of the entrance.

You pulled out two ninja stars and threw them at the spider mutants. It pierced their skin and the mutagen slowly leaked out of them. Once they collapsed, you crept into the entrance.

You looked over and saw Raph dangling a few feet above the ground. He was scarred and bruised.

Behind him a giant cockroach stood still. Spiderbytes talked on and on about frogs and kung fu.

Raph stirred in the spider web ropes.

Once the two mutants turned their backs on him, you attacked with your (weapon). It simply bounced off the roach with a clank. He turned and you pushed it over on its back. It squirmed around trying to get it.

"Oh so you're the frog's girlfriend."

You cocked your head to the side,"Frog? You mean Raph? The turtle?"

"Whatever. What are you going to do girly? We all know girls can't fight."

You glared at him and punched him square in the face. He fell back with shock.

"You idiot. That hurt."

"That was the point." You kick him in the stomach and he fell, winded.

You used your (weapon) to cut Raph down. You carried him back to the lair. You heard him whisper a thanks as you set him down in his bed.


You looked into the broken and badly boarded up window. A terrible manure malodor crept through the cracks.

Green goo-like substance stained the walls and floor. A giant walking weed and a giant newt walked about the mess as if it wasn't there.

A single cacoon sat in the middle of the floor. You examined more closely and could make out Donnie's unconscious body.

You pulled the boards off the window and climbed through. The smell was fifty times worse on the inside. You silently gagged.

You froze when Snakeweed stopped in front of you. You realized he was the origin of the horrid smells. You coughed and Newtralizer peered back at you.

"Intruder..." He slowly said.

He shot a round of lasers at you, but Snakeweed's many plantlike arms were hit instead of you. He screeched and flailed them around.

You grabbed one and ran over to Newtralizer. You wrapped him in the vine and entangled his arms and legs in difficult knots Donnie taught you how to tie a few weeks ago.

You used your (weapon) to temporarily cut the rest of Snakeweed's vines. Then you pulled Donnie out of the cacoon.

You half dragged half carried him to the lair and laid him in his bed.


You looked around at the creepy abandoned amusement park. The rides were rusted and broken.

"I hate the name Beebop." You heard to your left.

"Well too bad. Put the turtle over there." Another voice said.

By this time you were outside of the old fun house. You took a step inside and looked at your many reflections. In one, you saw a warthog mutant dragging Mikey away.

You ran that way and ended up hitting a mirror. Then you ran the other direction. The mirrors ended and a long hallway extended down.

You began to walk down the hallway. Out jumped a dummy dressed in scary clothing, which caused you to step back startled.

Multiple more came out at you until you reached the last turn. You saw Mikey tied up and unconscious.

"Mikey..." You whispered and ran up to him.

You used your (weapon) to cut him free. He opened his eyes a little and shut them, in obvious pain.

"Look out..." He forced out.

You turned around and Rocksteady tried to smash you with his hammer like weapon. You jumped back and ran down the hall.

Blue lasers flew out at you. You dodged them and they hit Rocksteady.

"Beebop you idiot!"

You ran by the mirrors and hid behind one. Once they came inside and became confused about their surroundings, you knocked Beebop out with the butt of your (weapon). Then you struggled to pick up a mirror and smashed it over Rocksteady's head. Once he fell you ran back to Mikey.

You carefully walked him through the sewers and back to the lair.


You put your hood on your head and walked into the the run down building known as the Purple Dragon's headquarters.

No one seemed to notice that you were there since everyone's attention was drawn to the fight.

The skinnier guy knocked his opponent out easily. He turned around and pumped his arms in the air. The crowd cheered.

Then, they brought out Casey. He weakly stumbled out into the small arena.

"And now, the final duel of the  tournament: Hun VS. The one and only Casey Jones."

Hun smirked and turned to Casey. Casey stood defenseless as Hun punched and kicked at him.You ran into onto the platform and kicked Hun in between the legs where the sun don't shine from behind.

He fell to his knees and whimpered. You punched I'm square in the nose and he fell backwards.

You helped Casey stand up.

"Thanks..." He trailed off.

You took the hood off of your head,"The names (y/n)," you smirked.

"I love you so much," he kissed you.

"I love you too. Now let's get you home and off your feet."

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