When You Meet: Leo

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You were wondering through the streets of New York while listening to (your favorite song). You hummed quietly, nodding your head to the beat. You hear fighting in the distance. Don't do it (Y/N). Don't go over there. But curiosity took over you and you head over to see what was happening down the alleyway.

Looking down the alley on the left side and you see a zombie werewolf like mutant and a giant fish with legs. On the opposing side, a group of identical men stood with peculiar guns pointed towards the mutants. You gasp a little too loudly and draw their attention.

"Kraang, could the girl that is standing in the place known as over there be the girl that kraang need to finish the plan known as the plan?" One of the identical men said pointing a stiff finger towards you. "Yes, Kraang, the one know as that girl that is-"

"Would you shut up?! Who are you?"

"We are who is known as the Kraang."

The giant fish studies you for a second. "If this girl is so valuable to the kraang, maybe we should take her to Master Shredder."

"To who?" you question while backing out of the alley. The mutants and kraang all charge at you. You close your eyes waiting for them to come, but when you open your eyes, the mutants are tied up and the men are sliced in half.

"Are you okay, miss?" You turn around to address the voice behind you, but you saw nothing but shadows. "Where are you? A-and did you saw me?"

"Yeah, heh, that was me. But if I show you who I am, please promise you won't freak out."

"Okay." The mysterious figure walks out from the shadows and looks down at you. "Wow you're a giant turtle! Awesome. I'm (Y/N)."

"Leonardo, but please call me Leo." Leo starts to leave,but turns to look at you once more," I hope to see you again sometime." You smile at him and he returns the gesture. "Bye Leo."

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