Nightmares (4)

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~Raph's PoV~

"Donnie, are you sure about this?" I pulled at the wire that connected me to the monitor my brothers, Casey, and our girlfriends were hooked up to.

"About 72% sure. Everyone have their mushrooms?"

"Yeah, yeah let's get this over with Donnie." Casey grew impatient.

"Alright. Donnie hit the switch." Leo ordered.

A second later, a slight shock went through my body and I found myself floating in a black void. Looking to my left and right, I see my brothers and Casey in the same position. A single door appeared in what seemed like the middle of the area.

"Donnie?" I asked knowing he would know what I was going to ask.

He floated to the door and opened it to reveal a dark room with all of our girlfriends and the stupid Dream Beavers.

"Ah, look. It's the stupid turtles." The purple one says.

"Hi Mikey!" Dave says. "Sorry that we have to kill your girlfriend."

"Not cool, dude!" Mikey steps forward once in the room. "Can't you just watch TV or something?"

"No can do. What will we eat then?"

"I heard there's a lot of wood in Dimension X. Why don't I send you there personally?" I growl stepping forward.

Leo put his arm in front of me, signaling me to stay put. "Look, we know how to get back at you, so why don't you just leave?"

"We can't just leave. We have a job to do."

"Fine, you leave us no choice." Leo looked to Donnie.

Donnie nodded before closing his eyes in concentration. His mushroom glowed and a tree appeared over the beavers. Donnie flicked his wrist down and the tree crushed the beavers. He repeated this over and over until Mikey stopped him.

These next few parts will still be in Raph's PoV


"You're doing it all wrong, D. Let Dr. Prankenstein show you how it's done." Mikey rose his hand and four giant water balloons hovered over the Dream Beavers.

In an overly dramatic movie voice, Mikey said,"Booyakabunga," and dropped the balloons.

He launched another five rounds before making them into ping pong balls and playing against a temporary clone of his.


I smirked to myself and changed the scene. Now, everyone, except me and those stupid buck toothed idiots, was in the stands surrounding a wrestling rink.

"Hey! I wasn't finished yet! I was about to-"

"Yeah? Well now it's my turn!" I yelled back.

I loomed ten feet over the four imbeciles, cracking my knuckles as I laughed. Stepping on their tails, I held them in place as I used their heads as punching bags.

I jumped in the air and landed in a side ways body slam on top of them. When I stood up, they were as flat as paper.


"Alright you've had your fun Raph. It's my turn." Casey pulled out his hockey stick and the area around us became a hockey rink.

"Goongala!" He used the beavers as hockey pucks, slamming them into walls multiple times before scoring a goal. "Jones for the win!" He pumped his hands in the air.


When the scene changed to the interior of a Space Heroes ship, I knew who was behind everything.

"Really Leo?" I face palm.

"Hey! You have your fandoms and I have mine!" He pointed a finger at me. "And that's Captain Leo as of right now."

He sat down in his chair and pressed a single button. I looked out of the window to see four meteors with the beavers' faces on them. One by one, a laser shot at them, smashing them into billions of pieces.

Back to Raph

"Alright, who's messing with the dreamscape?" A white flash came in between both parties. A second later, a floating triangle was in front of me. The scenery changed back to the room we started in.

"You guys again?" He pointed to the beavers. "I would've thought you would have been able to finish five girls easily by now. But, since you obviously can't, back to where you came from."

"No! Mr. Cipher wait!" The red beaver spoke quickly. "We had a deal remember?"

"Yeah, of course I remember. I know everything that happens in this universe." He rolled his eye. "You asked for my help in revenge and in return you were to help get rid of those Pine twins. I gave you three days and it's been four."

"It's still the third day, sir." The purple one tried to point out.

Bill held out his hand and a giant clock appeared next to him. "Actually, it's midnight! So, now, time for consequences."

The dorito snapped his fingers and the beavers disappeared to who knows where.

"Remember reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!" And with that, he left.


Everyone sat up in their seats rubbing their heads. The boys crushed their girlfriends into hugs as they all sat confused.

"You act as if we died or something."

And that's the end of this sucky mini series

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