Movie Night *Short*

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Leo would suggest to watch a marathon of Space Heroes. Whenever he does get to watch the show, his eyes are completely glued to the screen.


Raph, being the big "tough" guy that he is, would choose a horror movie. Really what the big softy wants is a reason to cuddle with you some more.


Donnie is not much of a scary movie guy. He prefers funny or an educational program. However, most of the time he would choose a comedy.


This is Michelangelo we are talking about here. He likes a lot of movies and shows, so you'll either watch Crognard, Super Robo Mecha Force 5, a Disney movie, or pretty much anything else of that nature.


Casey is a comedy or horror movie type of guy. His favorite movies consist of either Tyler Perry's movies or any scary movie you can think of.

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