Extra Characters (2)

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This will be going by story plot/category and not by character, so if you want to read one in particular you will have to scroll until you see the name again.

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When he realizes he likes you


Everyday Splinter finds himself thinking about you. You were so gentle towards little Mikey, helpful and full of concern for his will being, and brave enough to stay after his mutation. He wanted to see you again, but how and when? He can't just leave his sons in the sewers alone to see you. He sighed and sank into the couch. One day I will see her again.


He sat in his throne room, gazing at nothing in particular. Removing his helmet (I forgot the actual name for it), he rubbed his fingers over the smooth surface. The way it glistened in the light made him think about your eyes. Even though he could see how scared and fearful you were at first, the way you began to warm up to him despite his appearance warmed his heart. Finally, he was mending from Tang Shen, but what if you weren't willing to love him back. Why would she want an assassin like me?

Mondo Gecko

Mondo was sitting on the rooftops with his skateboard next to him. He took a break when he started to think about you. How you happily excepted both him and Mikey once you saw them. The way you brought pizza for the three of you to share after you finished your homework. He heard talking beneath him. Looking over the edge, he saw you and a group of your friends. You looked up and gave him a smile, which he eagerly returned. Once you left, he frowned again. Would she really want to be with a mutant?


He sat in the small room provided to him by Shredder. Once again he has attempted to flirt with you, but had gotten nowhere. Tonight, he was supposed to go on a mission with you, if he could play it cool- cooler than usual, minus the flirting- maybe he would actually have a chance. Maybe, just maybe you could be his one day.


It was driving him crazy. First, he saves this beautiful girl, then he reads a message from Sh'Okanabo that was for his uncle Darius. As much as he wanted to go out and find you again, his uncle disproved of him leaving the penthouse. Heck, he was rarely allowed to go to O'Neil Tech. Yet, he still needed to see you at least once more. That's all he wants. Just to hang out and be a normal teenager for once.

Seeing you Again


You were minding your own business walking through the streets of New York. Pondering, your mind made its way back to the man whom you met only a few weeks ago. Before you could fathom much of a thought, you felt the presence of someone behind you. Turning around, you see two identical men and a white van trailing close behind them. Instantly, you recognized them and took off running.

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