When You Talk About Him

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(T/n)- teacher's name
(B/f/n)- best friend's name


You were walking with some of your friends, who kept pointing and giggling about random cute guys they saw. You rolled your eyes as you scrolled through your Instagram (sorry if you don't have one). You smile when you see that Leo just posted a selfie, which you liked and commented on.

"(Y/n), isn't he cute?!" (B/f/n) says.

"Who, Leo?" You look up slightly.

Everyone rolls their eyes in annoyance at you. You shrug and continue to scroll through your Instagram, ignoring their comments.

"Is Leo the only thing you think about?" Another one asks.

"Well, he's the only guy I think about. What can I say? He's muy guapo*," you laugh.

"Thanks señorita," you feel someone hug you from behind.

"Leo! Uh, how you been doing?" You nervously say.

*very good-looking/handsome


You were sitting in class, getting some of your work done. (T/n) kept going on and on about their personal life and eventually found themselves to be talking about their relationship status.

"Any of you guys in a relationship or like anyone?" The teacher says.

"Well, (T/n), (y/n)'s boyfriend is smoking hot," someone in the class announces.

You feel your face heat up and you hide behind your text book. What made the situation worse is that Raph is in your class right now. You felt everyone's glance fall on you.

"Well, Miss (L/n), is it true?"

"Yeah, Raph's handsome or whatever. I'm glad to have him in my life."

You looked up to see him smirking, with a blush evident on his face. Some of your classmates began to whistle and say "goals" loudly over and over again. Luckily, you were saved by the bell ringing.


You were walking down the streets, on your way to the lair. You turned a corner and saw a group of girls who used to always make fun of you and taunt you.

"Hey, look. It's walking by its self because it doesn't have any friends," they laugh.

"Actually, I have all the friends I need and I have a great boyfriend who is better than any guy you've ever slept with or known."

The leader of the group gasped, but quickly regained her original stance and expression.

"Well he's either nerdy or nonexistent."

"Oh he's nerdy alright, but he's a mighty fine nerd."

"Thanks, Sweetheart," you watch as Donnie walks up next to you.

The girls turn in shock as they watch Donnie walk up and kiss you. He grabbed your hand and the two of you walked away.


You watched as Mikey performed multiple tricks on his skateboard with his friends. More and more people began to show up as they continued.

A girl sat down next to you, watching in amazement. She pointed towards Mikey.

"He's so hot and talented! Don't you think?" She sighed dreamily.

"Who Mikey? Yeah he's amazing and he's really good looking," you smile.

"Do you know him?" You nod at her question,"Well do you think you can give him my number?"

"I don't think he would want me to do that..." You begin to feel the jealousy rise inside you.

She looked offended,"And why not?"

"Because I'm his girlfriend and he doesn't want to talk to anyone else."

Just as you finished your sentence, Mikey walked up with his skateboard in hand.

"Ready?" He asked.

You grinned, kissing his cheek and waved goodbye to the girl, who sat there dumbfounded.


Another hockey game for the team, and another victory for Casey to brag about. His little sister sat next to you, cheering and smiling every time Casey was in control of the puck.

"I love having Casey as a brother! He's so... What does he always say? Metal!"

You laugh at her enthusiasm,"It's great to have him as a boyfriend, too, if not better."

She scrunched up her face,"Ew, no! Casey is a dork!"

"Yeah, but he's my dork."

After the game, his sister told him about the conversation you two had. He laughed and wrapped am arm around your waist.

"So, I'm a dork now?"

For the vacation scenario, could you guys vote for a place. The choices I've seen were:
-The Beach
And there are a few others, but if you guys could choose which turtle/Casey goes where that would be great.

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