When He Flirts in Front of April

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Thanks to ShinaWinter for the idea :)


April, Casey, you, and the guys were in the lair. You, Leo and April were in the living room, while the rest of the guys were in the dojo arguing.

Flipping through the channels you stop on your favorite movie. You smile and take you attention to the screen. Soon you feel a strong arm around your waist. Leo winks at you and comes closer.

"How ya been beautiful?"


"Did you know your eyes glisten when your happy?"

"Um no. I didn't-"

"Are you from Tennessee because... I can't do this! It's ridiculous!"

"Aw come on Leo you were doing great,"April smiles and gives Leo a thumbs up.

By now your a blushing mess, laughing at Leo's corny pick up line.

"You're the only 10 I see Leo." You whisper to him before turning your attention to the movie once again.


April was at the lair, ranting about something that Raph obviously didn't care about. You listened intently for the most part, until Raph distracted you from the conversation.


"What Raph?"

"Come hereeeee." He whines. He walks up and hugs you from behind. He gently kisses behind your ear.

"Raph what are you doing?"

"Do you realize that screw rhymes with me and you?"

"Raph!" You turn around and try to slap him but he catches your hand. While smirking he spins you around in a circle.

"Raph are you going soft over there?" April asks sarcastically.

"What? No!"

"Ya sure about that?"

"I'M NOT!" Raph storms out of the room.


April was sitting on Donnie's lab desk when you walked in. She tried to gain his attention, but he was too focused.

"Hey Donnie." You smile at him.

Instantly his head shot up and he gave you that gap tooth grin you love."Hey (y/n). You look lovely today. N-not that you don't everyday because you do. I-I mean uh... Heh."

"Donnie can you help me with this project I have?" April bats her eyelashes at him.

"Maybe later. Anyway how have you been Angel?" Donnie walks over to you and hugs you.

You giggle," I've been fine Donnie. How's your experiment?" You play with the ends of his bandana.

"Fine. Like you..." Donnie realizes what he just said and his eyes widen. "Oh I-I didn't... Wow I look stupid now."

"Yes you do!" April says while storming out the room.


You and Mikey were playing a video game. April was sitting on the couch texting.

Mikey wanted to win so he tried to distract you.

"Hey (y/n)?"

"Yeah Mikey?"

"Do you know what I like more than pizza?"

"Video games?"

"No dudette. You!"

"You do?" You blushed, losing focus on the game.

"Yeah your my cinnamon apple dudette!"

Aw you guys are so cute!" April fangirls to herself.

"I-I don't-"

"Booyakasha! Aw yeah, son! I won!"

"You cheated!" You out pout.

"Aw don't be sad (y/n)." Mikey kisses your cheek and continues his victory dance.


By now, April should be used to Casey flirting with you.

"Hey (nick name)."

"What's to Casey?"

"You should come to my game tonight. I need my inspiration there." He says as he slides his arm across your shoulder.

"What about me, Casey?"April asks.

"Oh,um you can come too, Red. But (y/n) has no choice." He winks at you.

"I'll be there." You laugh to yourself.

"Whatever." April leaves and rolls her eyes.

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