When you meet: Mikey

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You were completely bored out of your mind. Your parents were out of town and your aunt was supposed to be keeping an eye on you. But the only thing she kept her eyes on was the TV.

"Hey can I-"

"Shh (y/n)! Dr.Phil is on!"

"But I want to go-"

"Okay go."

You eagerly grab your skateboard and leave the house. You've been wanting to teach yourself some new moves.

When you reach the skate park you see a shadow of a skating. You look up and see the person flip off the skateboard and land perfectly.

"Awesome move,dude!"

"Huh? Oh thanks dudette!"

You walk closer to the person to get a better look. You soon see a shell and green skin. "Aw man. Now you're gonna run from me." He frowned.

"Are you kidding?! This is so cool!"


"Yeah dude! You gotta teach me some of those moves!"

"Oh yeah boy! But only if you can handle it... You know being a girl and what not." He grins at you.

"Don't even play the gender game. I could smoke you. The names (Y/N). Call me (nickname).

"Alright! The names Mikey aka Dr. Prankenstein."

You and Mikey hang out for a while before you have to leave.

"See you around dudette."


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