Nightmares (3)

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My story is ranked #335 in fanfiction and it couldn't have gotten so far without you guys. Ilysm

You sat up screaming. When you looked around you, you saw that you were in your room in the lair.

Sighing, you say,"It was just a dream."

"You sure are right about that, Sweetheart." Your eyes widen as an unfamiliar voice talks next to you.

You look over your shoulder to see four beavers casually eating mushrooms. You jump out of the bed and sprint to the door, but before you can make it halfway, the ground turns into water and you started sinking. No matter how hard you tried to swim, you continued to float to the bottom.

A giant Shredder head sat at the bottom of all the water, his mouth slowly opening as you neared. Panicking, you attempted every swimming style you could think of in order to get away, but you were soon swallowed by the large head.

You found yourself in a forest of a gray scale. The only thing in color was you. The shadow of a triangle slowly approached you, but stopped once it was a few feet away. A split second later, a floating, golden, Dorito.

"I didn't know I had a fear of... Chips?" You cocked your head to the side.

The triangle rolled his eye at you. "I'm a dream demon, hun. The name's Bill, how ya doing Rainbow?"

You looked behind you. " Oh you meant me?" You pointed to yourself.

"Look, anyway, I'm not technically here and you're dreaming me, so let's get this over with. Want to make a deal?"

"I don't even know you. Quick question though, are you nacho cheese flavored or spicy nacho?"

"You know what? Here have this giant screaming head." He clapped his tiny hands together. "Remember reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!"

Her disappeared after snapping his fingers, leaving you with the giant head. "Okay, what the actual-"

"Language, (y/n). Do you kiss your boyfriend with that mouth?" The beavers appeared again.

You looked closely at the mushrooms they held. Your eyes widened. "Those are those biggest fear mushrooms aren't they? So, that means you're the Dream Beavers."

"How did you know?" Dave questioned. The other three glared at him and turned back to you.

"Any who, time to finish draining you. And that is a wrap. Zoop!"


You woke up in your least favorite class. Your teacher had black eyes and devil horns sat on their head (what's new?).

"Pop quiz." A series of random questions appeared on the board.

"What's 2×2?" You opened your mouth to respond, but your teacher wasn't finished. "Times the circumference of the sun and then add that to the amount of apples Johnny bought at 2:00 last Thursday."

"Woah, woah wait. What?"

"Answer the question, peasant!"

"Uh, nice socks?"

"Wrong! F and detention for you!"

You fell through the floor and into another classroom. You looked to your right to see a green kid playing with some high tech technology. On your other side was a kid with a huge head.

"Don't tell me I entered another fandom!" You face palmed. Mrs. Bitters snaked around your desk and picked you up by your collar, but everything froze after that.

"You know what Dave, this is exactly why you aren't in charge of anything."

A second later, you were stuck in a spider's web. Arachne inched towards you. "Say goodbye (y/n)." Four voices said in unison as she talked.

That's when everything began to shake and the turtles showed up.

Lol sucky chapter. I added a couple of fandoms so anyone who can guess all of them (it's like four) can get their own one shot in my one shot book and can choose the next chapter (no lemons children) after I finish this mini series thingy

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