Did You Just Call me Greenie? -Casey

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Casey jumped in front of you as one of the boys tried to grab your arm. The said boy backed up, rolling his eyes at Casey, but still kept his eyes on you.

"Okay what the shuck is going on here?" Casey's eyes widened. "When did I start talking like that?"

I placed a hand on his shoulder. "Since we entered this fandom."

Alby took a step forward, now standing beside Newt. "First the box sends up a two in a week, one of which was a girl, and now we get two in one day. And what a coincidence, ones a girl."

Thomas stepped out of the crowd and examined you. "What's your name?"

"I'm (y/n) and this is Casey."


After given the tour of the area, Newt brought the two of you back to the Homestead.

"Tomorrow we will start trying to figure out what your job around here will be." Newt said before turning to walk away.

"I want to be a runner." You say before he's too far out of reach.

He looks surprised as Gally walks in. Gally laughs. "Very funny, but you're a girl. You wouldn't be able to handle it. And we all know girls don't have as good of endurance as guys do."

"Tomorrow, I'm leaving with the other runners. I'll prove a thing or two to you about endurance." You stood up and stormed off away from them.

Casey sat there, confused about what just happened. "Well if she's going to be a runner, I am too."

"There's not a problem with you being one. She's going to get herself killed." Gally grunted. "It'll be good for her." He walked off.

Newt watched Gally walk off. "I'm sorry about him. He doesn't know what it is to give people a chance. You and (y/n) be at the entrance by 7. I'll have Minho and Thomas run with you."

This is short. I'm sorry. I was trying to update since the writer's block was/is too real right now.

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