Chapter 2

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Jiang Zhan didn't feel strange about Jiang Li's sudden change, he just thought that he had changed his way of seducing him, which he had seen a lot.

What really caught his attention was the word "no" in Jiang Li's mouth.

Men most taboo others to say that they can't, especially those who were crying under themselves just now.

Jiang Zhan's face sank, and he stretched out his hand to wrap Jiang Li's waist, slammed the person around him, and pressed him directly into his arms.

The two were leaning against each other, Jiang Zhan pressed Jiang Li's waist with one hand, and asked in a dangerous tone, "Who do you think can't do it?"

Jiang Li could feel the cold water vapor and the frequency of the heartbeat that the other party had just taken a shower with. The cold body felt an inexplicable sense of comfort, which made him a little happy, not only did he not shrink from the other party's sudden oppression, but instead met the other party's eyes and looked at him.

"Who is..." Jiang Li tilted his head to reveal an innocent but somewhat provocative smile, "Just try it and you'll know."

For the sake of being provoked, if he is still indifferent, Jiang Zhan is not a man. At least not a physiologically normal man.

He pressed the back of Jiang Li's head with his hands, spread his five fingers and inserted them into his hair and folded them together. With a slight force, he forced Jiang Li's head to lean back slightly. He held Jiang Li's lips, his strength was both domineering and fierce.

...Fuck, so fierce?

Jiang scolded in a heartbeat, but did not resist, but stretched out his hand and hooked Jiang Zhan's neck, responding with the same force.

After the two of you came to me, Jiang Zhan released the palm that was pressing on the back of Jiang Li's head, and turned to push the person to the side against the wall. He lowered his head and continued to kiss, while one hand untied Jiang Li's loose pants hanging around his waist. , as soon as his fingers touched the zipper, he was stopped by Jiang Li: "Wait! Let's make it clear first..."

Jiang Zhan was getting excited, and was a little impatient with his restraint, thinking that he wanted to make a fool of himself like just now. , in a displeased tone: "What do you want? The money will not be short of you."

"Money?" Jiang Li raised his eyebrows, "I don't want money." "I don't

want money?" Jiang Zhan was a little surprised by his words, and sneered, "Why are you here not for money? Didn't you come to do business?"

"It's true that I do deals, but it's not money." Jiang Li didn't care about his ridicule, and said the word "deal" without any burden, "I want the role of Liu Chuandeng in 'Long River Falling Moon', but It must be for me, not for Zhang Ziyang."

"Long River and Falling Moon" is the TV series that Zhang Ziyang was rejected for audition, and it was adapted from a very popular novel of the same name. Because of Zhang Ziyang's reasons, the original body also went to read the novel, Jiang Li was still somewhat impressed with the plot and characters.

Since the original body's wish is to be fulfilled and Zhang Ziyang slapped in the face to calm the original body's unwillingness and anger, Jiang Li's first step is naturally to start with the drama "Long River and Falling Moon".

Zhang Ziyang wanted the role in this play, so he took the role. Zhang Ziyang wanted to be famous in the entertainment industry, so he took the road of consecration again in the entertainment industry.

Everything Zhang Ziyang wants, he will get it all, and Zhang Ziyang's expression will be very exciting.

Jiang Li, as an acting school who has been honing his skills in the entertainment industry for more than ten years, the most he lacks is his acting skills, the only thing he lacks is opportunities, and the person in front of him is his first opportunity.

Jiang Zhan didn't think that Jiang Li didn't want money, but asked him for a role in a TV series. In his capacity, setting a role in the crew was just a little effort. What made him a little unhappy was that a gadget like Jiang Li dared to negotiate terms with him, but when he saw Jiang Li staring at him, he felt a little bit unhappy. The aura of "talk it over first, then go to bed" was inexplicably cute, and a little bit of the offensive feeling he had dissipated in his heart.



After one night, Jiang Li was repeatedly tossed three times, and the third time he was almost knocked out by Jiang Zhan.

Jiang Zhan personally proved that he is not bad, but very good. Before Jiang Li went to bed, he even felt that his requirements for a supporting role were lowered, and he should be a protagonist.

The next day, Jiang Zhan woke up, and when he turned his head, he saw Jiang Li sleeping beside him.

Jiang Li was still in deep sleep, lying on his side with his back facing him, his black hair scattered on the white pillow, the white sheet covering the position below his waist, and the entire white and naked back was unobstructed.

There are a lot of red marks and faint bruises on Jiang Li's back, which shows how intense the two of them did last night.

After Jiang Zhan's eyes touched the beautiful scenery in front of him, his eyes couldn't help but his heart was a little bit eager to move, but he was not a person of indulgence after all, so he quickly suppressed that thought.

Thinking of how the person in front of him took the initiative to seduce him at first last night, but after he got into bed, his skills were unfamiliar, and he finally made the corners of his eyes redden and almost cried, Jiang Zhan thought thoughtfully.

...It was the first time.

Shen Yuzhi didn't seem to have lied when he said last night that he wanted to find a baby for himself. Seeing that he was having a good time last night, he decided to forgive Shen Yuzhi's own arrangement.

Lying on the bed for a while, Jiang Zhan sat up, reached out and took the mobile phone beside him to check the time. He found that there were several missed calls from Shen Yuzhi, as well as a few missed messages, so he clicked on the messages. After seeing it, his brows furrowed, and his eyes moved to Jiang Li.

It happened that Jiang Li moved his body at this time and woke up.

The unfamiliar environment made Jiang Li, who had just woken up, a little stunned. It took two seconds to remember what he had experienced last night. At this moment, there was still some discomfort between his waist and legs.

Jiang Chen scolded "beasts" in his heart, and as soon as he turned over, he saw the so-called beasts sitting next to him, looking at himself with scrutiny eyes.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and the atmosphere was a bit strange.

Jiang Li moved his sore waist and said hello first: "Morning..."

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Jiang Zhan: "Who are you?"

Jiang Zhan's voice was a little cold, with vague anger. Jiang Li was a little inexplicable when he called him and asked who he was, but he was honest. Answer: "I'm Jiang Li."

"Jiang Li?" Jiang Zhan glanced at his phone and determined that Shen Yuzhi was not talking about this name last night, and in the message, Shen Yuzhi said that the person he was looking for didn't come last night at all, so Jiang Zhan from who?

Jiang Zhan suddenly felt that he was being calculated, his face sank, he leaned over, grabbed Jiang Li's neck with one hand, and asked, "Who are you? Who asked you to come here?"

Jiang Li was suddenly stuck by him Neck, subconsciously wanted to fight back, and he pressed his other hand on top of his head as soon as he moved his hand.

Jiang Li just came through, and the original body's physique was not very good. He was tossed by Jiang Zhan several times last night, and he was simply imprisoned for a while.

This unresistable posture made Jiang scolded the mother in the heart, but there was an uncomfortable expression on his face, his wide eyes were full of fear and anxiety, and he said in a difficult tone: "You... pinch me. It 's so uncomfortable."

Jiang Li just woke up, the corners of his eyes were still reddish physiologically, Jiang Zhan saw the wetness and fear in his eyes, remembering the squeamish look he was about to cry under him last night, his hands His strength loosened slightly, but his tone was still cold and hard: "Say, who asked you to come?"

Jiang Li knew that showing weakness was effective, so he coughed slightly, his voice hoarse: "You asked me to come. Yes, you made a deal with Zhang Ziyang and asked me to come here."

Zhang Ziyang?

Jiang Zhan has no impression of this name. Last night he had a party with one of Shen Yu's pedestrians. Shortly after returning to the hotel, Shen Yuzhi called and said that he had found someone to give him a 32-year-old virgin body, "Phoenix Coast" There is a newcomer who has not been opened, and it is guaranteed to be beautiful and clean.

He didn't have any interest in it at first, just thought Shen Yuzhi had nothing to do. However, when the person came, he found that his appearance really appealed to him, so he kept the person, and there was last night, but he didn't want to get up early in the morning and received a message from Shen Yuzhi that the person he was looking for escaped temporarily last night. come over!

So who was this guy who slept with him?

"Who is Zhang Ziyang?" Jiang Zhan asked.

"Zhang Ziyang is..." Jiang Li stopped, noticed Jiang Zhan's expression, and noticed that something was wrong, and quickly asked, "Aren't you the assistant director Jiang of the 'Long River Falling Moon' crew?"

"Who told you I was Assistant director?" Jiang Zhan asked back.

"...Aren't you?" Jiang Li confirmed again.

"No." Jiang Zhan's face darkened, what the hell is the assistant director, I'm an investor!

Jiang Li recalled the memory of the original body. It was the hotel location that Zhang Ziyang and the assistant director of the crew had agreed to. When answering the phone, Zhang Ziyang wrote the room number on the notepad. After giving the note to the original body, he hurried away.

Yuan Shi only knew that the assistant director was named Jiang, but he had never actually met him.

Jiang Li woke up and was in this room. It happened that the male protagonist was also surnamed Jiang, so he subconsciously thought that the male protagonist was the director Zhang Ziyang said, but he was completely wrong. But last night when he said that he wanted the role in the play, the other party deserved it so easily. If it wasn't for the ins and outs, it would have something to do with the crew.

Thinking of this, Jiang Li decided to clarify things first, so he said, "Since you are not the director of the crew, when I asked for a role last night, why would you agree?"

"Why should I agree?" Jiang Zhan listened to him This sentence contained a hint of accusation, and he couldn't help scoffing, "I hired the crew, why do you say I?"

"You invited me?" Jiang Li was a little surprised, and he realized what he meant, "You are an investment. business?"

This news is a bit explosive, Jiang Li did not expect it at all. Zhang Ziyang originally just wanted to shoot the calf of the assistant director of the crew, but did not expect to be shot by the original body and directly shoot the thigh of the investor?

"Don't you know who I am to get the role? I'm pretending..." Jiang Zhan's words stopped abruptly, thinking of what Jiang Li thought he was the assistant director of the crew just now, he instantly reacted that Jiang Li didn't come to him at all last night Yes, but came to find the assistant director unspoken rules for the role!

As an investor in "Long River and Falling Moon", Jiang Zhan naturally had dinner with the production team of the film crew. In my impression, there was indeed a director surnamed Jiang, but the other party has been in his forties for more than fifty years, and he looks fat. Ear, or a Mediterranean.

Although it is said that unspoken rules are the norm in the entertainment industry, when he thinks that Jiang Li wants to climb the bed of such a person for a role, Jiang Zhan can't help but despise him, and even some of his love from his body last night has faded a lot. .

It's just a thing for crawling around the bed for fame.

Jiang Zhan snorted softly, suppressing the inexplicable anger that surged up in his heart.

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