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This Alpha's pheromones are Exploding[BL][COMPLETED] by Rezioj27
This Alpha's pheromones are Explod...by EvilBerry
COMPLETED Author:- Shao tang Short title:- TAPAE Qiu Jin transmigrated into a book once again. Last time, he transmigrated into an omega with pheromones that could make...
This is a novel world right...... by bluemoonkat
This is a novel world right......by bluemoonkat
Going to different worlds and completing missions They are all novel worlds I can see that. but every time I enter the novel world why does the title of female lead shif...
Fast-through System: Villain Boss, Wantonly Flirting  by aruminzepo
Fast-through System: Villain Boss...by aruminzepo
Author: 秦原 Qin Yuan warning: The ML is a yandere. [This is an MTLed novel, only edited to make sense] Please read the first chapter to get a better idea of the story...
Broken protagonist (bl) by rahzel03
Broken protagonist (bl)by Rahzel
In the system's meeting : [ We have a broken protagonist!!!!!] System 001 shouted in panic. [Oh my! Did the world collapse???] System 6784 cried in worry. [Is the protag...
Quick Transmigration: System Let's Attack! by xangel77
Quick Transmigration: System Let's...by ꧁ 𝓔𝓵𝓷𝓲𝓮 ꧂
꧁Join Zavi and her system Xian ,as they travel the world of novels and change its stupid plot As a certain guy keeps following her any world she go --- Arc 1:Highschool...
Exchanging Villainy Into Love System [BL] by DanmeiAllTheWay
Exchanging Villainy Into Love Syst...by DanmeiAllTheWay
Bai An Cheng was a mercenary-for-hire in the modern era of advanced technology. He's a bio-engineered human thrown away in an orphanage for reasons still unknown. There...
Reborn To Marry A Disabled Fiance [ Danmei MTL ]  by OneAmSoftEggs
Reborn To Marry A Disabled Fiance...by [ WE ARE OFFLINE ] OASE and M...
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Their Eternal Love by Aria6262
Their Eternal Loveby Aria
Lin Xi, a designer from the 21st century, dies as he admires an alluring stranger. He meets a system that promises him the chance to encounter many sexy men. This begins...
(Old ver.) De Novo [BL] by ThisIsNine
(Old ver.) De Novo [BL]by Midoriya Izuku
WARNING: VERY VERY IMMATURE WORK!!! People said that there is always a reason behind why people are born. A purpose humans must fulfill. Ivan, a very unlucky human, died...
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Rebirth Without Stepping Stone by CloudJun
Rebirth Without Stepping Stoneby CloudJun
In the last life, Cheng Yiguang died before he knew that his life was a book, and his role was a stepping stone on the way to the domination of the fairy. In this life...
Whitewashing The Villains Reputation  by SpreadingMist
Whitewashing The Villains Reputati...by TheGreatFujoshi
Li Han is an ordinary college student. everything was going smoothly in his life. but it all ended when he died due to a stray cat. falling to his death he woke up insid...
Aptitude by Sne156
Aptitudeby Bar_Cat
Honey ; You were mine since the day you were born . So you should just stop picking up all these bees and butterflies . Because You are mine to pick up . - + - + - +...
Leading To You (bl) by ClearV
Leading To You (bl)by ClearV
"To be a good man." Chen Zheng lived his whole life, believing those words. Just like his name, proper and upright. However being proper and upright only lead...
Please Let Me Live a Lazy Life! by YohoAruto
Please Let Me Live a Lazy Life!by YohoAruto
Basic Synopsis: Maki Tanaka is lazy. Really, that's it. Real Synopsis: Maki Tanaka had died after being pushed in front of the speeding truck. Without even a rest in bet...
[edit- HOÀN] TÂM ĐỘC - Sơ Hòa by AndrewPastel
[edit- HOÀN] TÂM ĐỘC - Sơ Hòaby Andrew Pastel
Tâm độc Tác giả: Sơ Hòa 初禾 . Thể loại: Hiện đại, phá án, hồi hộp, ôn nhu ẩn nhẫn công x chính trực bình tĩnh tổ trọng án đội trưởng thụ, cường cường, đơn nguyên kịch, ha...
The Whole World Knows I'm a Good Person [Quick Wear]   by SpinChibi
The Whole World Knows I'm a Good P...by Spinchibi@
[Warning! This is Machine Translated] Author: Sugar Tail Is Handsome Summary: Shi Qing's task is to guard. When he traveled to various small worlds and was ready to tor...
[Q7(Full)]HỆ THỐNG XUYÊN NHANH: BO...by Thanh Hy
Tác giả:Mặc Linh Nhân vật: Minh Thù, Kỳ Ngự Thể loại:Ngôn Tình, Xuyên Không, Trọng Sinh, Tình duyên, Tình yêu - Hôn nhân Trạng thái: Đã hoàn thành ______ Tớ re-up để ti...
My Host's Luck Is Too Unbelievable! by kieriyii
My Host's Luck Is Too Unbelievable!by kie
The story where the Host only have to do little scheming and hugs his lover's golden thighs, Host just sits around, his lover doing all the missions. The system wants to...
Transmigrated because....I am bored? by varsha694
Transmigrated because....I am bore...by Varshini
Krist,a top attorney finds himself transmigrating to different planes and teaches the poor souls the importance of living and loving one's life. Let's get started. Warni...