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Gay Camp (BoyxBoy) by SecretPotatoxoxo
Gay Camp (BoyxBoy)by SecretPotatoxoxo
Coming out is always hard, especially when you live in a homophobic household where your parents preach about Jesus everyday. Cody didn't think that his parents would d...
  • homo
  • uke
  • seme
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Germany X Italy (GerIta) [LEMON] {BoyXBoy} by otakushippers
Germany X Italy (GerIta) [LEMON] { Neko & Ookami
IT'S A HETALIA LEMON! YOU GOTTA A PROBLEM WITH YAOI, HETALIA, OR LEMONS, I SUGGEST YOU DON'T READ IT! But for those who enjoy yaoi lemons, please enjoy the story! ...
  • lemon
  • anime
  • cuteitaly
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My Mean Roommate (Male X ShyUke! Male Reader!) by EjaculatingSeme
My Mean Roommate (Male X ShyUke! Bust-a-nut
(M/n) is going to his first day of college but a everyone assumes that he is a GIRL!! He is planning on making his family proud of him because they favored his older bro...
  • college
  • boyxboy
  • romance
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You have it wrong by minimooncat
You have it wrongby minimooncat
A dom male reader x a cross dressing sub oc One thing to say, not everything is as it seems.
  • crossdress
  • xoc
  • yaoi
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[°•Book 02] Sakura's Replacement (Naruto FF) by Hikadaisu_Rock2048
[°•Book 02] Sakura's Replacement ( K-Pop♡Anime
Since Toshiro died in the world of basketball, Kami-sama has a new mission for him. Someone messed up the timeline of the shinobi world and only Toshiro has the ability...
  • gaara
  • sasuke
  • anime
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Reincarnated Into A BL Otome Game As The Wilder Family's Doted Youngest Villain by Walking_Like_Rain
Reincarnated Into A BL Otome Rain McRain Face
Self-proclaimed Dancing Queen Alex was doing his thing when he met what he thought was a kind, wise old man in the streets on a rainy day. After high-fiving the elderly...
  • wattpride
  • magic
  • r18
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Temporary pleasure  by kisunye
Temporary pleasure by kisunye-sama
Umm, I'm not really good a descriptions but uhhh here we go... izuku's mom got divorced and married bakugou's mom. Now the two 'brothers' are living in the same house, w...
  • seme
  • bakudeku
  • uke
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Mr. Detective (Black Butler x Male! Reader) by TheUnOfficalTae
Mr. Detective (Black Butler x ˗ˏˋ 𝘮𝘢𝘤𝘣𝘦𝘵𝘤𝘩 ˎˊ˗
(M/N) (L/N), 13 year old detective. One of Britain's best. "There's always some good in goodbyes. But I think I'll miss yours the most...". (M/N) is a...
  • grellsutcliff
  • cielphantomhive
  • claudefaustus
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"I Love You And Despise You" (Uke) by -JustPrecious-
"I Love You And Despise You" (Uke)by sᴡᴇᴇᴛ
This is a Yaoi roleplay book, all the characters in this book will be ukes, meaning submissive character's please respect that I do not own any of the media in this book...
  • uke
  • individual
  • romance
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Yaoi One-shots [ft. Seme!Male!Reader] by SeiyokuSeme
Yaoi One-shots [ft. Seme!Male! Are they though?
《This is a book full of Yaoi. I will make a lot of fluff, limes, or even other ones, but this will be filled with a shit ton of yaoi.》 Alright! So! In this book I'm gonn...
  • boyxboy
  • manxman
  • xmale
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There's Always a Protagonist with Delusions of Starting a Harem by phiare
There's Always a Protagonist Phiare
title : 总有主角妄想开后宫 author:不会下棋 / Bù huì xià qí(can't play chess) My attempted translation using google translate and a dictionary app. It's mostly MTL with a bit alterati...
  • system
  • generalfiction
  • uke
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Red String Of Fate by readergenie789
Red String Of Fateby readergenie789
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go into a book and change everything? What would a main character be like without their precious plot armor? What if they...
  • shou
  • generalfiction
  • boyxboy
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My Explosive Boyfriend          Bakugou Katsuki x seme male reader by Akutsu-Nishizato
My Explosive Boyfriend Akutsu
(Slow updates! In progress!) (On break till August 2018) One day when you where watching your favorite anime of BNHA, you got pulled in to a different world! Would you b...
  • katsukixreader
  • katsuki
  • smr
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first love | seme male reader by theblurrygirl
first love | seme male readerby Sarah <3
this is your average seme!male!reader x uke!character, all fandoms welcome! I am in a lot of fandoms so request aren't usually a problem! this is my first book like thi...
  • kisshimnotme
  • uke
  • seme
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Adapted from the well-known author Lan Lin. Xiao Teng who wake up from his drunk found himself a beauty man that lying beside him on the same bed! And this bastard alway...
  • romance
  • uke
  • bl
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System 6969: The Meng MC And His Cat System(BL)  by ForgottenRotten
System 6969: The Meng MC And His ForgottenRotten
Run over by a car. Welcomed by a System. [Hello, Host. I'm System 6969 who is assigned to fulfill the regret and unfinished revenge of people who die with regret. ] ...
  • quicktransmigration
  • possessive
  • multipleuniverse
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Seme male reader x Uke males (Requests currently closed) by TheDemonicjackelpack
Seme male reader x Uke males ( Anubis Blaze Peir
I decided to do this after being inspired by many talanted writers I follow on wattpad. Title explains everything, and request rules will be the first chapter. NOTE: Th...
  • seme
  • uke
  • fanfiction
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profesor particular yoonmin lemon by Miaari666
profesor particular yoonmin lemonby 😀
una historia de lemon sobre Jimin y su profesor particular Min yoonGi
  • bts
  • suga
  • amorhomosexual
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☑ | Perverted Uke (BxB) by aquaseries
☑ | Perverted Uke (BxB)by aquaseries
Follow along Rotten Uke's 'seductions'. Target? Step-brother. It's not so easy to be in love with your own step-brother. Original. Copyright@2018 Start&End: April 04 2018
  • uke
  • bl
  • love
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