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Exploding Attribute System In Douluo Dalu by DivinDragonCelestial
Exploding Attribute System In Idrees Omari
Someone from Earth reincarnates into Douluo Dalu 1 as someone from the same village as Tang San, Saint Spirit Village. He awakens a system when aged 3. The system enable...
Love System (On going) by Wahwah55
Love System (On going)by May Bel
<Unicode> LGBTဖခင်နှစ်ယောက်မှမွေးဖွားခဲ့တဲ့လွမ်းသွေးငယ်ဟာမတော်တဆတစ်ခုမှsystemနဲ့ချိတ်ဆက်မိတဲ့အခါ.... <Zawgyi> LGBTဖခင္ႏွစ္ေယာက္မွေမြးဖြားခဲ့တဲ့လြမ္းေသြးငယ္ဟာ...
Revenge System(Completed) by Wahwah55
Revenge System(Completed)by May Bel
<Unicode> "မောင့်အတွက်လွမ်းရှင်သန်ရမယ် ပီးရင် သူတို့ကိုပြန်လက်စားချေမယ်" "hostရေ~ကျနော့်နဲ့လက်တွဲပီးပြန်လက်စားချေရအောင်" <Zawgyi> "ေ...
After Reincarnating, I Became A Second Generation Villain by muffins_00
After Reincarnating, I Became A muffins
When he opened his eyes, Lin Tian realized that he was reincarnated into the modern cultivation world. Seeing this person's memory, his expression became gloomy because...
Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack by Yukimizuk
Quick Transmigrating Second LazyMizuki
After accidentally falling, she actually finds herself bound to a Second Female Lead Counter Attacking System! Xun Mi: WTF is this?! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ In order to regain her...
Quick Transmigration: Seducing The Lord God by nanahlolo
Quick Transmigration: Seducing nanahlolo
Li Chang Bo ended up dying by a car crash on his way to meet a friend. He was a well known actor and has won many awards. Li Chang Bo was satisfied with his life but th...
Ten Million Years Stuck in The Multiverse's Back-Up Information Centre by MitchieMoi998
Ten Million Years Stuck in The Chukwusomso Mitchelle Egeonu
Kaori Sol spends about 10,000,000 years stuck in a space filled with light dots with information from all life (including different universes; some advanced, some behind...
The Tired Villainess by Potatophobia
The Tired Villainessby Potatophobia
Lihua was an accomplished woman who lived a lonely life. Everyone thought that she had a loving family and was jealous of her. No one saw how she was treated like air in...
💚System Coe❤️ (Completed ) by DIANA_PHYOE
💚System Coe❤️ (Completed )by ❤️linn❤️
HE ပါ SE ထင္ရင္ လိုက္ရိုက္မာ😘 HE ပါ SE ထင်ရင် လိုက်ရိုက်မာ😘
Part 1 : BLOOD WARLOCK SUCCUBUS Tykeha Williams
Author:XIETIAN Source:webnovel not my work The legendary mana finally reached planet Earth, causing all living things to officially enter the path of evolution. Animals...
Steal The Male Lead by Shellyrill
Steal The Male Leadby Shellyrill
The main character always ends up with the male lead? Even if they're backstabbing, evil, and cruel, they will live happily ever after just because they are the main cha...
I'm a hidden boss in the duel city (yugioh fanfiction) by Gilthur
I'm a hidden boss in the duel Reinhart
Note: This story is a fanfiction of a Yugioh Fanfiction. Summary: One night he suddenly found himself waking up in a familiar but fictional world. Later, he found out th...
ၾကာပန္းျဖဴေဖာ္ထုတ္ေရး system/ ကြာပန်းဖြူဖော်ထုတ်ရေး system(Completed) by MinHtet819
ၾကာပန္းျဖဴေဖာ္ထုတ္ေရး system/ ကြာပ Min Htet
Unicode and Zawgyi Starting - 5.5.2021 Ending -29.5.2021 တစ္စံုတစ္ရာ တိုက္ဆိုင္သြားရင္စားေရးသူရဲ့ အမွားပါ။ မေက်နပ္တာမ်ား႐ွိလာရင္စာေရးသူကို တိုက္႐ိုက္လာေရာက္ေျပာျကားႏုိင္...
【Quick Pass】Bend the blackened villain by LuvKidosho
【Quick Pass】Bend the blackened Luv Hildah
THIS IS NOT MINE THIS IS A MTL PLEASE NOT THE ABOVE [Completed] [Soft Crying Bagshou×Destroying the World's Black Attack] [Super Sweet Healing Department Xiao Mengwen, o...
Virus Cultivation by STakeshi
Virus Cultivationby S. Takeshi
A terrorist that released a man-made virus, which killed more than 100 million people, was captured and sentenced to death. Death is supposed to be the end of one's sto...
The Demon King's Beloved Daughter by arandomsecret
The Demon King's Beloved Daughterby ~KITSUNE~
Freya Antinea Laphinia woke up from an assassination attempt with memories of her previous life. She reincarnated into a novel she read! It wasn't a romance novel, it wa...
QT : Just For Your Love by BlackRose285
QT : Just For Your Loveby Black Rose
Li Mingze, a orphan came to Country B as a transfer student. He was originally a loner but fell in love with his desk mate and bestfriend Mu YiChen. but he never dare to...
   ⚠︎☠︎︎ 𝐷𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑟𝑢𝑐𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛 𝗦𝘆𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗺 ☠︎︎⚠︎ by LavenderNway
⚠︎☠︎︎ 𝐷𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑟𝑢𝑐𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛 𝗦 လာဗန်ဒါနွေ
"Host ကမ္ဘာတွေကိုလိုက်ဖျက်စီးရအောင် " "..." "host အဲ့လူကိုသတ်လိုက်စမ်းပါ " "...." Start -21,2,2022 End -.... ______________ ဟ...
reborn as a system by Lazy_Cat_Zero
reborn as a systemby Lazy_Cat_Zero
This is not my story but you guys can read it in Novelupdates and name is same Reborn as a system 🤗🤗 Author: Long Qi Space, System, Treasure, Spirit Tools ... other pr...
I accidentally became a Villain Prince (Completed)  by MrDerick
I accidentally became a Villain MrDerick
အလွန်အဆဲသန်ပြီး wattpad ဖတ်တိုင်း ဇာတ်ကောင်များကို အချိုးမပြေလျှင် မဟားတရား ဆဲတတ်သော ကောင်လေးတစ်ယောက် သူ ပိုးစိုးပက်စက် ဆဲခဲ့သည့် ဗီလိန်မြေခွေးကောင်အဖြစ် ထိုဝတ္ထုထဲသို့...