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The Tired Villainess by Potatophobia
The Tired Villainessby Potatophobia
Lihua was an accomplished woman who lived a lonely life. Everyone thought that she had a loving family and was jealous of her. No one saw how she was treated like air in...
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Transmigration:  Face slap the white lotus by Chil_lexx
Transmigration: Face slap the Brie-anne Taboo
What do you do when you find out your Aunt is your father's mistress, your lovely sweet cousin is actually your half sister? Cheng Biyu thought she had it all a loving f...
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Quick Transmigration: Destroy the heroine system by yumemmc
Quick Transmigration: Destroy ✶ 𝒴𝒰𝑀𝐸𝑀𝑀𝒞 ✶
After getting betrayed by closest ones Sia Wright dies but before her death she somehow bounds with system 606 who gives her mission to Destroy different universe's hero...
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Leading To You (bl) by ClearV
Leading To You (bl)by ClearV
"To be a good man." Chen Zheng lived his whole life, believing those words. Just like his name, proper and upright. However being proper and upright only lead...
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Quick Transmigration: Beat The Female Lead System by lilac2894
Quick Transmigration: Beat The lilac2894
Eleanor a 30 year old (pervert) business woman who hasn't had a boyfriend in more than 8 years suddenly dies after being in a car accident on her way to a blind date. Bu...
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A Crusade trough the Multiverse by emilemil865
A Crusade trough the Multiverseby emil emil
why am i killing you? becouse god told me to do so! DEUS VULT!!
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Legendary Wife : The Unrivaled Demon King's OverPowered Songstress by yayako11010110
Legendary Wife : The Unrivaled yayako11010110
Some say you hear a beautiful song Some say you hear an enchanting humming Some say you hear the most beautiful voice in the world Some say you hear the most beautifu...
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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil by S_M_Hunters
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devilby Hunter
A top hacker was chosen by the Lord God to be reborn into countless worlds, always as an expendable villain. With no free will, every world became a dead end. Every one...
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Our Love Is Fate by llAdnall
Our Love Is Fateby llAdnall
Zero died next thing he knows he is bonded to a system. He uses skills and his acting to make sure the ML and Second ML to ignore the Heroine. "Our love is fate. W...
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Road to Idol: A New Start [Becoming a Kpop Idol] by bogglester
Road to Idol: A New Start [ Bogglest
Park Yunho has dreamt of becoming a k-pop idol for many years. He never had a chance to become one and even died a seriously unlucky death. But he wakes up in 2006 as hi...
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System Xiao Wu  by Aurora-San1
System Xiao Wu by オーロラ
System 110011- Hello host ေတြ႕ရတာ၀မ္းသာပါတယ္ ကြၽန္ေတာ္က ခ်စ္စရာေကာင္းတဲ့ system 110011 ေလးပဲျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ ဇာတ္လိုက္ေကြးေရး ဒို႔အေရး system မွႀကိဳဆိုလိုက္ပါတယ္ Host - ဘ...
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Quick transmigration: counter attack of the cannon fodder [ 快穿:炮灰打脸攻略] by Wingsthunder
Quick transmigration: counter Thunder Wings
This is a translated version done by me. This story does not belong to me. What is cannon fodder? Xuelan tells you that cannon fodder is used to hit other people's face...
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System, are you messing with me? by CountOfDarkness
System, are you messing with me?by My Lord
A shameless and sometimes even sadistic beauty. That's how the people would describe Shu Ning. He was very popular with men and woman equally but of course there were al...
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Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack by kyokosa2gawa015
Quick Transmigrating Second Phoebe Tan
(I do not own anything in this book. All of it is for the purpose of offline reading! XD) ========================= After accidentally falling, she actually finds hersel...
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Entering Daybreak [BL] √ by kisetsu_haruko
Entering Daybreak [BL] √by kisetsu_haruko
A story of a novel reader who transmigrated into his favorite novel. Protagonist: You changed. Yu Zeng: Is it good or bad? Protagonist: Good. Good for my heart. Yu Zen...
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Seducing The Male Lead Using A Pure Face by MarillCakes
Seducing The Male Lead Using A Marzipanian
[ All credit to the original artist of the art used in the cover and chapters ] Brooke has always been considered adorable and pure, someone who can do no wrong. She oft...
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Not Your Dog by Wasurenaide88
Not Your Dogby Wasurenaide
He woke up not knowing who he was, only knowing that his memories were not truly his. He became a dog trapped by a collar and forced to be reborn. The memories vaguely t...
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 The Blackened Male God Always Wants To Set A Routine For Me [Arcs 1 and 2] by Silver-Verdigris
The Blackened Male God Always Empress M
[Super sweet, 1V1] #Su Yan's godhead... dropped# Her system said that if she wants to get back her godhead, she has to fulfill the male lead's wish. As a result, she sta...
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The Dragon's Flower Vol 1-5 ✔ by ChocoLily
The Dragon's Flower Vol 1-5 ✔by Choco Lily
After an accident, she found herself possessing a small cannon fodder's body inside a novel she was reading! But why did the storyline seems to be a little different tha...
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Transmigration of an adorable Little Host by ScarletAZZ4321
Transmigration of an adorable AlliaZaneZachias
After being betrayed, kidnapped and sold of to a brothel by his own lover, Su Yi Kai tried to escape from this sick scheme. But unfortunately, He Got caught and been sh...
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