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* FALLING * by Cl0udMusic
* FALLING *by ♣Cloud Victorique Ahksen♣
{ Oikawa Tooru Fanfic} ** In which their destinies crossed path in the most illogical and magical way that the both of them could ever imagine. "Y_You're here... i...
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10,000 Year System by shesfab
10,000 Year Systemby 死
[BL] Tiu Zhelan is a girl who had given up on life. At just a mere age of 16, she grabbed a blade and slit her wrists, blood flowed just like her consciousness getting l...
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The New Ladybug by NekoRock101
The New Ladybugby Neko Rock
Marinette is getting tired of being Ladybug... 1.Because of her school work that's she is clearing failing... 2.Her Parents are getting really suspicious of her... 3.He...
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Your Hero[Bnha x Male reader]  by Robo-Phobic
Your Hero[Bnha x Male reader] by OOF
•Boku No Hero Academia fanfiction• •"Loving someone else is an emotion to replace the feeling of not loving yourself-" •"People like me shouldn't get a s...
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SEME male reader x various males by SumPplLikeDatShit
SEME male reader x various malesby SumPplLikeDatShit
Just what the title says
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Diabolik Lovers X Seme! Male! Reader by __Foolish__
Diabolik Lovers X Seme! Male! __Foolish__
I've done this on my old account but it got taken down... so.... I'm starting over! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •Shu Sakamaki• •Reiji Sakamaki• •Ayato Sakamaki• •Laito S...
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Reapers (Black Butler x Seme!Male!reader) by LivingRockMusic
Reapers (Black Butler x Seme! Llamas With Hats
Who says that the main character always has to be a demon? (F/n) (L/n), a Grim Reaper who is part of the Board in charge of the many reaper associations. Does he give a...
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Love That Butler With All Your Heart! | Sebastian Michealis X Seme!Male Reader by BeccaMia251
Love That Butler With All Your BeccaMia251
Warning: Yaoi ( gay shit ). Swearing not that much. - you have been warned, don't tell your mama that I didn't - When it comes to Yaoi ships, I instant make fanfiction...
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I'll be there for you (Levi Ackerman x Twin!Seme!Male!Reader) by IzayaB
I'll be there for you (Levi IzayaB
I haven't seen many of these and this idea hit me in the morning when I woke up. This is a incest/twincest so don't read it if you don't feel comfortable with this subje...
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Institute Made For Someone Like Me (BxB+) by _Shini-Gami_
Institute Made For Someone Like K
Levi was disliked by his parents for his 'impolite' actions and never received the love he needed. Because of that, he became someone that burned a math class and his o...
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Haikyuu! x M!reader by luke1121
Haikyuu! x M!readerby Luca
Haikyuu one shots (Male reader) Headcanons
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🌸Pretty Boy//Naruto various x male reader(discontinued)🌸 by peachy_bro_ok
🌸Pretty Boy//Naruto various x ⊗😈 ⊗
🌸What happens when the brother of Sakura Haruno gets caught up with a bunch of boys falling for him left and right?🌸 🌸Warning! Gay stuff ahead, don't like don't read...
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BTS x Dominant Male Reader by abadeer_vampire_king
BTS x Dominant Male Readerby ᴋⁱⁿᵍ ʟᵉᵉ ʜʸᵘᵏ
Jin: Why did the chicken cross the road? (M/n): Why? Jin: To get to the idiot's house Jin: Knock knock (M/n): Who's there? Jin: The chicken Date of publication: January...
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The Heart of a Smith. by Xhandrica
The Heart of a Noona
Genre: Modern, BL, Fluff, Drama, HE, Younger seme, Business setting Novel status: Finished, 57 chapters + 3 Extra Chapters Translation status: Ongoing Translator: Shiya ...
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One shots vol. VI (Seme male reader x Various) by IzayaB
One shots vol. VI (Seme male IzayaB
I bet you didn't expect this to come back, me neither. For now the requests are closed. Enjoy!
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Seme Male Reader~ by NuttyLover
Seme Male Reader~by Nutlove
Hello~ just a little something for my fellow bl crazed fans ^•^
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Kingdom Hearts males x Male reader by AlpacaCute24090
Kingdom Hearts males x Male readerby AlpacaCute24090
seme male uke male both male etc, you name it!! My 2nd oneshot book. no smuts or lemons, but I will put some stuff juicy~ I will transfer the x male readers from my firs...
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My Host's Luck Is Too Unbelievable! by kieriyii
My Host's Luck Is Too Unbelievable!by kie
The story where the Host only have to do little scheming and hugs his lover's golden thighs, Host just sits around, his lover doing all the missions. The system wants to...
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Speak [Saiki K. FF]✔ by xtrablu
Speak [Saiki K. FF]✔by Ł Ę Ñ
"I'm not the best at expressing my feelings, but... I hope you can love me the way I love you." [Kaidou Shun x Male! Reader] (This story doesn't necessarily fo...
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NISE 偽 | taegi by nychtalydia
NISE 偽 | taegiby nathaniel
Taehyung'un paletinde elde etmek istediği beyaz Yoongi'nin teniydi.
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