[105] Loki Laufeyson

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*apologies for this absolute horrible piece of crap and not proof read imagine.*

You're in a relationship with Loki

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You're in a relationship with Loki


Loki never planned for you to be with him. Romantically he kind of did, but he didn't plan that you would be here on this spaceship with him, fighting Thanos and his dudes.

He was worried. It wasn't that you weren't strong, on the contrary. There was a chance that you were even stronger than him. Both mentally and physically, but he couldn't help but be worried about you. 

"Give me the Tesseract, boy," Thanos said. It was the second time he said, well more demanded it and he was now losing his patience.

Thanos chuckled as he walked back and forth, avoiding the corpses of the Asgardians. "Aren't you the rightful king of jotunheim? That place that got destroyed within seconds? Weakness is in your blood, Laufeyson. Hand the orb over before I'll destroy you." Thanos said. He stopped pacing and glared at Loki.

You switched your gaze between Loki and Thanos. As you saw Loki make his was forward slowly, you stopped him. Simply by holding his feet down with your power. Your powers were invisible so so to everyone present is just seemed like Loki stopped himself.

No one knew what you did, no one but Loki.

He looked your way shortly, soberly and sad before making you release his feet and walking further. "Yes it is true. I am the rightful king of Jotunheim. But there's a very important detail you're missing, Thanos. And because of that missing detail, you're underestimating me," Loki said and smiled slightly in your direction. "I have a queen now."

Thanos cringed. "Blegh, love. You'd do anything for her bla bla, wouldn't you?"

Loki furrowed his eyebrows, "I suppose, yes."

"If she really means that much to you, why don't I just take her instead and come back later to get the Tesseract?" Thanos said, smirking. He took ahold of your arm after knocking you unconscious and looked at his gauntlet. Not long after that, you dissapeared, together with Thanos.

It was only a matter of time before Loki would come and give Thanos the Tesseract.

And in the meantime, Thanos had some big plans with you.


When are you going to Endgame?

Wow, three days and then I'm going to Endgame. I'm going the 24th.

im not ready

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