[91] Thor Odinson

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You haven't seen Thor in some time, and were excited to see him again

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You haven't seen Thor in some time, and were excited to see him again.


You walked towards Thor feeling in the mood to do something bold. Normally Thor was the one who made the first move, but he had been gone for such a long time you had become a little desperate.

You wrapped your arms around him from behind and started kissing his neck softly. With every kiss you came closer to his soft spot which was behind his ear.

"I missed you," you whispered in his ear just before you started making a hickey right on his soft spot. Thor tilted his head to the side to give you more access, not minding the people surrounding him could be watching them.

Out of no where thunder grumbled. Thor put his hand up. "Sorry, that was me."

With a few steps you go stand in front of him. "It thunders when you get excited?" You asked exhilarated about the newly discovered information.

"Yeah." Thor scratched his neck in an embarrassed manner. He had never told anyone this before.



What superpower do you want? ( no clue if I asked this before but screw that)

Sweeties, my co writer would really like to talk to some of you. You can dm her about anything.

Her insta is @merel.swinkels

Yes her name is Merel (Dutch name), she's M, I'm C; my name is Charlotte.

This is our first name reveal so congrats that you made it this far into our book! Readers who read Running or another book don't know our names unless they read this.

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