[36] Thor Odinson

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Thanos captured you, little did he know that was his downfall

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Thanos captured you, little did he know that was his downfall.


"What?! Where?!" Thor boomed when he heard the news of you being captured.

"We don't know."

Thor turned around and searched for you. He had to find you, he just had. The half god couldn't imagine living without your good mornings, your fighting and your dedication.

Without you.

In some way his weapon lead him straight to Thanos. Thanos was sitting on a throne with you flying in the air next to him. You looked like you were in a lot pain.

Blinded by rage Thor let all his energy flood through him. He went down killing all the monsters in one hit.

Except Thanos...

"Why are you here, don't you know you already lost. I almost have all stones," Thanos said.

Thor lost control of himself, and charged for Thanos. With all the energy from his anger he struck him right in the head (Thanos' weak spot).

You fell down, unconscious. Thor kneeled next to you.

"I'm sorry, {your name}. I should have protected you."


Favorite Spider-Man?

This is so bad. I can't handle this shit.

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