[101] Loki Laufeyson

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You are part of the Avengers

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You are part of the Avengers. They discovered you were dating Loki in secret.


"[your name], how could you?" Steve asked concerned about your safety. You were the youngest of the seven. So Steve had always felt the need to protect you. "He isn't any good. You still know what he did to New York right? He almost killed everyone."

"We should've never let you go on that mission alone," Tony added mainly being disappointed in you.

Natasha didn't say anything, not that she had to. Her face said everything. The corners of her mouth were turned downwards, and her eyes that normally stood helpful towards you were unreadable this time.

"I-I just-" you started but they didn't give you any time to speak your mind.

"Just go to your room."

"ENOUGH!!" Loki barked. "[your name] did nothing wrong. So, quit talking and let her speak for herself. You awful humans have not even let them spoken a word to explain themselves." Loki looked at you, his eyes stood on murder.

"Thank you, babe," you thanked Loki before turning to your friends. "I promise he hasn't done anything bad since he has been with me. And if he did I wouldn't follow him. Why do you think I'm so submissive and just follow him? Natasha, you taught me enough to make me stand up for myself. Nothing bad has happened yet. People can change, just like we all did. The past of everyone here isn't something we want to be reminded of."

"Please let us just stay together." You held Loki's hand. "I'm happy. Isn't that the only thing that matters?"

Tony looked like was having a debate with himself. He wanted the best for you.

"Under one condition. We-" He pointed at Natasha, Steve and himself. "are gonna have a talk with him."


What outfit from Loki was your favorite?

His Thor Ragnarok one ruled.

P.s I didn't feel like writing today, sorry, so M wrote for once.

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