[42] Steve Rogers

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It was Mother's Day

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It was Mother's Day.

The clattering from tools hitting bowls awakes you from your slumber. Some soft squealing and shuffling against the laminate floor automatically curves up the edges of your lips.

"Daddy daddy I want to give it!" Lea's little voice echoes through the big hallways.

Nigel softly tugs the hem of his father's shirt. Steve looks down and places his hand on the soft hair from Nigel.

"She can give it. But I want to- to give mommy next time okay?"

Steve smiles at the kind gesture of the young boy, a little bit taken aback by his smartness to negotiate.

"Of course NB," Steve says and continues to walk to the direction of your room.

The moment Lea is in sight of the door she runs forward and bursts into the room.

"Happy mother day mommy! Look here! Open it! Do you know what it is? It's a bracelet and it says NB and LM! You know our names right? You do right? It says our names!" Lea bombards you with questions.

You laugh as the other two walk into the room.  "Hm let's think, do you know them Lee?"

She nods eagerly as Steve and Nigel sit down on the bed. She opens her mouth to speak up and inhaled but she shakes her head right after.

"Nigel what are our names?" Lea whispers into his ear. Steve scoffs and shakes his head as his lips curve into a smile.

"Nigel Buchanan Rogers and Lea Margaret Rogers," Nigel whispers back, tickling her ear.

"Right. I knew that." Lea nods and smiles proudly, seeing the bracelet shine on your wrist.

"Come mommy, we prepared breakfast," Nigel says and takes your hand, guiding you to the kitchen where you are greeted with the most significant smells.

A hand snakes around your waist and you feel you husband plant a kiss on your head.

"Happy Mother's Day."


A long one for you! Requested by
@WriterGirlme sorry for the huge delay!

Just felt like I had to honor Bucky and Peggy.

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