[72] Wanda Maximoff

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You and Wanda made a bet

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You and Wanda made a bet. You said you were stronger and she said she was.


You knocked her down, well at least you thought that would happen. But before you could knock your girlfriend down, she dodged your hit.

"Is that all you got honey?" She smirked at you making you even more motivated to win.

"Oh, now you are gonna get it." You cracked your neck.

While you were distracted by this short conversation Wanda used her magic to make you fall down.


She crouched down next to you. "Princess, you shouldn't get distracted. I'm excited to receive my price tonight." She winked before walking off.

You groaned before running after her.


Is someone here queer?
Does anyone have a coming out story?

We both are. Both bisexual. Not out yet, just safely in the closet.

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