[67] Pietro Maximoff

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You have the same powers as Pietro

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You have the same powers as Pietro.


It was remarkable, so incredibly remarkable that there was another person out there like Pietro.

When Hydra had heard about you, they needed to find you, get their hands on you no matter what it would take. You were very valuable to Hydra and many others with them. Once the news about you was out in the open it became a race. A race with an unwritten rule—whoever got to you first, got to keep you.

Hydra won the race.

You've been with them for a few months now. Your bond with Pietro had become very strong. Wanda was a sweetheart too, only you and Pietro had something, not sure what it was, but it was special.

Twice a month, Hydra wanted to examine you and Pietro, well more your skills and how fast the two of you were.

A satisfied sigh escapes your lips when you finally feel fresh air hit your skin. You've learned that you must enjoy these moments very much. This is the only time Hydra let's you go outside.

"Come on Pietro!"

You jump around going to the start, Pietro finds this little action very cute.

The sound of the megaphone echoes through the arena. "Pietro and [your name]. Start running when we give the signal. Start with a hundred laps."

When you hear the loud boom you take off but stop after a second. "What about a we make the best of this?" you propose.

Pietro nods his head, "what did you have in mind cutie?"

"A race. You and me big guy, winner gets to decide the price!" you exclaim excited. Not even awaiting Pietro's answer you sprint away.

Pietro watches you shoot away, how cute can someone actually be? he thinks before sprinting away with a smirk.

Very determined to win.


Are you going somewhere for the Christmas holidays?

Went to a birthday. Didn't go so well.

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